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What Does Forklift Driving Lesson Entail?

The necessity to train the forklift operators has been on a rise these days. This is due to the fact that governments from all around the world are working hard towards increasing employee safety. This has led to many governments actually implementing a mandatory rule for all the employers to only hire employees who have a certificate or proper training to operate a forklift. This has induced the development of forklift driving lessons in Toronto. To understand what the course entails for you, scroll through the details about the forklift driving lessons in Toronto.

Forklift Driving Lesson

How does the Forklift Driving Lesson in Toronto help?

The course helps the employees to learn:

  • the operation of the forklift
  • Safe material handling
  • Maintenance of the equipment
  • Introduction to the operational procedures

Before you think of taking up a forklift driving lesson in Toronto, you need to understand the current forklift training standards.

Forklift Training Governing Standards

Canada follows current regulations of Safety Standard B335-15. These regulations are for the forklift operation. The document mentions all the essentials of the forklift training program, equipment maintenance, instructor requirement and other rules for the employers to follow. Some of the most crucial regulations include:

  • Expansion on the design of the facility
  • Proper selection of the forklifts as per their intent of use
  • Conducting proper risk assessment
  • Requirements for load handling
  • Operator training requirements
  • Operator qualification

What Does our Forklift Course Contain?

The forklift driving lessons in Toronto comprises of two important parts, which are:

  1. Classroom instructions
  2. Hand-on training
  3. Evaluation

The hands-on training includes the execution of classroom learning. The student will go through a set of assigned tasks by the instructors that the students will have to perform on their own.

The last stage in the course is the evaluation process. In this stage, the instructor will evaluate your complete performance, in terms of written test as well as a practical test. After the instructor is done assessing your performance, they will provide you with a forklift training certificate.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Forklift Course?

There are many factors that decide the duration of the forklift course. These factors include:

  • The experience or operating knowledge of a student: If the student is already experienced in operating a forklift, he or she might need a less comprehensive course.
  • Type of course: Depending upon the type of forklift you choose to operate, you must choose a course that matches that. Even if you know how to operate one kind of forklift, you need to take the complete course that teaches you to operate another kind.

Other than these reasons, people also go through retraining courses to keep their knowledge updated and keep their certificate valid. We feel that these retaining courses should be a part of a company’s safety procedure. It can be finished in a day.

We feel that the mandatory rule is a great step towards maintaining a safe workplace with forklifts around which is why many companies should tie up with driving schools, for their driving lessons in Toronto and let their employees have proper retaining training. Get Sprint Driving for a superior forklift driving lesson in Toronto, today! Call us at 416 222 4190 to know more.