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What is Ontario Class D License?

Canada has a way of diversifying its licenses based on s person’s ability to operate a vehicle. The vehicles as we know, vary in different sizes and weight capacity but the most basic license that everyone begins from is the Class G license.

The Class G license allows people to drive family cars or the usual pick up trucks. This license is not valid for heavier vehicles. If you are considering to handle a heavy-duty vehicle then you need to have a Class D driver’s license.

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What Does the Class D Driver’s License Entail?

Many people believe that with a Class D license they can operate the same vehicle but just with a heavier trailer. This is a completely false notion considering the fact every class governs a particular kind of vehicle. The Class D driver’s license is all about larger and heavier tow vehicles and trailers.

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, the class D driver’s license can let the drivers operate any motor vehicle or truck that has a combined weight exceeding 11000 kgs and the towed vehicle is not over 4600 kgs.

Minimum Requirements for Class A or D Driver’s Licence Application

In order to apply for the Class A or D driver’s license, the applicant must fall under the following requirements:

  • Should be at least 18 years or older
  • He or she should have a valid Class G license in Ontario (or any other class that is equivalent or higher to Class G)
  • Must pass the operating knowledge test for tractor trailers or large trucks
  • He or she will need to meet the vision standards
  • The applicant must possess a valid certificate and renew it, as and when required.
  • The applicant should also be able to demonstrate a good driving competence
  • The motor vehicle should fall under the following pre-requisites:
  1. For Class D: A motor vehicle that exceeds the total weight of 11,000 kgs in gross weight
  2. For Class A: This is for the towed vehicle. The towed vehicle should have the weight that exceeds 4600 kgs in gross weight.

Class D Licence Renewal Requirements and Medical Requirements

  • Licence Renewal Requirements

You can have a class D license till the age of 80 but in order to prove your physical competence till that age, you will have to give a knowledge test as well as a vision test on an interval of every 5 years.

  • Medical Requirements

Below we have Mentioned the Pre-requisites of a Medical Report.

  1. If the Class D driver is under the age of 46 then he or she is required to present a medical report every five years.
  2. If the Class D driver is between the age of 46 and 64, he or she is required to present a medical report, at an interval of every three years.
  3. If the Class D driver is above te age of 64 then he or she must submit a medical report on an annual basis.

Please see that the medical report has to be completed and performed by a nurse practitioner or family physician, who is licensed to practice in Ontario.

  • When do I have to file my Medical Report?

Depending upon your last filed medical report and your age, you will be required to present a medical report. Please note that the ministry will mail the medical report form, about 90 days prior to its due date.

  • Medical Certification for Canadian Class D drivers operating commercially in the US

Despite being a commercial driver in the US, the driver will have to comply with the Canadian driving standards and provide a valid medical certificate.

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