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Exemplar Driving School in Toronto

S&A Sprint Driving School Inc. is pleased to welcome you to our school.

We are committed to providing students with the necessary skills and confidence, through step-by-step instruction and on-the-road experience. Our instructors are specifically trained to identify student`s strengths and weaknesses and personalize instruction according to the student`s individual needs.

We believe in getting our learners ready for the road and combating nerves is one of the most important aspect of getting them ready for the road. We understand that there will be some students who will be very nervous about the prospect of driving. We have instructors who will pay attention to every small problem of every learner including the nervous ones. Our instructors will ensure that such nervous learners get the appropriate time and attention to cure their nerves and get them ready for real-life driving.

Driving Training from an Experienced Driving School in Toronto

Our Driving School in Toronto offers complete flexibility to students. Students can opt for the classes anytime and if they cannot attend full-time, then we also offer classes on a part-time basis. Unlike other driving schools in Toronto, our class timings are also flexible to meet the requirements of every student. Our instructors offer one on one training to each student to ensure that that needs of all students are met which allows us to offer flexible class timings to all students.

We not only provide our students with driving training, but we also pride ourselves on instructing our students to become really good drivers with complete confidence in their own abilities. This allows our students to trust their abilities while driving and focus on developing good driving instincts instead of just habits. We also serve as one of the best truck driving schools in Toronto.

Our vocational driving courses aim to cover all aspects of a career in driving, so as to make our students employment-ready right from the time they graduate from our school. We also offer placement services to ensure that our students can find employment immediately after their training.

Our instructors are not only qualified and experienced but are also extremely committed and dedicated to coaching students and ensuring that they meet there every requirement. We believe in developing our student’s abilities to ensure that they make use of their full potential and have confidence in their own skills.

Our Students are our First Priority.

When you learn about Sprint Driving School, you receive the best instructors in the trucking industry.

Our driving lessons in Toronto include the following:

  • A broad range of in class and hands on training
  • Skills training programs for commercial vehicles
  • Emphasis on defensive driving; we teach how to handle emergencies, accident prevention and safe driving under any weather conditions
  • Qualified and experienced instructors who take great pride in their work.
  • Instructions in English and other languages
  • Air brake Endorsement course “Z”
  • Pre employment evaluation for commercial drivers


  • Chris
    I have always been confused whether to choose a driving instructor or the finest driving school in town, but all thanks to Sprint Driving they aren't just the best school in town but even offer qualified professionals from their space.
  • Robert
    My overall experience with Sprint Driving was excellent, they offered me one of their finest instructors who was not just skilled but well experienced in understanding our needs and offer services accordingly. Keep up the great work!
  • Amy
    Learning to drive with Sprint Driving was a pleasure. After several bad experiences with previous instructors, I totally lost hope! Sprint Driving is the school that made me feel at ease and comfortable. Thanks a lot!
  • Alex
    This is a very good school if you are looking into getting your truck license. I was able to get my dz licence on my first try. Thanks again
  • Mileka
    Thank you so much Sprint Driving as well as my instructor for offering me patience and willingness to adapt his teaching methods during my driving lessons. I know that I haven't been an easy pupil for you, but I have always received a constructive feedback from your professionals Thank you!
  • Ontario Safety League
  • Career College Ontario
  • Ministry of Transportation of Ontario