BZ License Training

Theory Courses

P.D.I.C. Professional Driver Improvement Course
In this course students review the basic log book skills required by every commercial truck driver. Students are taken through the process step-by-step of filling out a log book. Students are also taught about the different hours of work regulations that apply in Canada and the U.S.
School Bus Driver Improvement Course
In this course, the principles of defensive driving with relation to the commercial driver are covered. The curriculum is designed by the . This course is designed for persons currently in bus transportation.

The B-Z license Training Program uses a customized, client centered approach to training followed by job placement support. Upon successful completion of this program, students receive a Class ‘B’ license. This license is required to drive any bus that has seats for twenty-four passengers or more. It also allows participants to operate vehicles included in classes ‘C,’ ‘D,’ ‘E,’ ‘F,’ and ‘G.’ The B-Z License training program is designed for drivers who want to operate buses, school buses, and ambulances. They are taught the specific rules of the road, since it is necessary that bus and ambulance drivers understand the laws governing the operations of vehicles that transport passengers. These students learn specific driving skills and demonstrate the safe driving practices that apply. The program includes a review of defensive and strategic driving, operation of the front crossing arm, vehicle dynamics, passenger management, and driver distractions.

We provide students all of the necessary training for drivers to obtain their license to operate buses and school buses. Our BZ program is set out to train each and every student the rules of the road, the laws governing buses and school buses, and the laws of operating a vehicle that transports passengers. Moreover in BZ License Training, we even teach the special driving skills and prepare every driver with the safe driving practices that are required in commercial vehicles.

Practical work experience such as, pre-trip, loading and unloading of passengers, communication, passenger management and discipline, duty to report problems and emergency procedures which include breakdowns, detours, collisions and special needs evacuation. There is a practical demonstration of the front stop arm, checking for danger zones, mirror adjustments and post trip child check, road driving, safe turns and lane positioning, city and outside city driving, backing, test preparation.

Why Choose us When it Comes to BZ License Training?

Our instructors come with years of professional experience and have years of experience teaching and training all types of students. Whether students have past experience or not driving a bus, our instructors adjust and build a program that best suits the students` needs. Students gain practical and theoretical knowledge in;

  • School Bus Driver Improvement Course
  • Log Book
  • Circle Check
  • Rules and Regulation of the road

Our BZ license training program ensures that all students are taught various techniques that allow them to become better and safer drivers. Such defensive and strategic driving, operation of the front crossing arm, vehicle dynamics, passenger management and driver distractions.

Training content for this program includes gaining knowledge in understanding of rules and regulations as per National Safety Code, in vehicle controls, driving environments, defensive driving/blind spots, and defensive driving techniques. Other than a BZ license, Students will learn how to map out a route from a route sheet, deal with different type of braking systems, the correlation between following and stopping distance, how to deal with changes in weather, vehicle danger zones and fuel efficiency.