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Forklift Certification: How It Can Boost Your Career

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Forklifts are common in many workplaces, from warehouses to construction sites. These heavy-duty machines are used to lift and move heavy loads, making them an essential part of many industries. However, operating a forklift requires specialized skills and knowledge. Without proper training, forklift operators can pose a significant risk to themselves and others. 

This is why forklift certification is so important. In this article, we’ll look at the requirements for forklift certification, how to get certified, and the benefits of being certified. 

Forklift Certification Requirements 

Before diving into how to get forklift certified, let’s look at the certification requirements. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets the standards for forklift certification in the United States. 

OSHA requires that all forklift operators be trained and certified before operating a forklift. This includes both initial training and ongoing training. Employers are responsible for providing training to their employees and ensuring that they are certified to operate forklifts. 

The specific requirements for forklift certification may vary depending on the type of forklift and the industry in which it is used. However, some general requirements apply to all forklift operators. 

First, operators must be at least 18 years old. They must also be physically capable of operating a forklift safely, which means they must have good vision, hearing, and physical dexterity. In addition, operators must be able to read and speak English, as all training and certification materials are provided in English. 

How to Get Forklift Certified 

Now that we’ve looked at the requirements for forklift certification let’s talk about how to get certified. The first step is to find a training program that meets OSHA’s requirements. Many organizations offer forklift training, including community colleges, vocational schools, and private training companies. 

When choosing a training program, make sure it meets OSHA’s standards. The training should cover the theoretical and practical aspects of operating a forklift. This includes topics such as forklift safety, load handling, and maintenance. 

Once you’ve completed your training, you must pass a written and practical exam. The written exam will test your knowledge of forklift operation and safety, while the practical exam will assess your ability to operate a forklift safely and effectively. 

If you pass both exams, you will receive your forklift certification. It’s important to note that forklift certification is not a one-time event. OSHA requires that forklift operators receive ongoing training and certification throughout their careers. 

Benefits of Being Forklift Certified 

1. Increased Safety

Forklift certification ensures that operators have the knowledge and skills to operate a forklift safely. This can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace, protecting both the operator and other employees.

2. Career Advancement

Forklift certification is often a requirement for many jobs in industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, and construction. Being certified can increase your job prospects and provide opportunities for career advancement.

3. Higher Earning Potential

Certified forklift operators are in high demand and are often paid a premium for their skills. By becoming forklift certified, you can increase your earning potential and improve your financial stability.


Forklift certification is an essential requirement for anyone who operates a forklift. By getting certified, you’ll be qualified for a wider range of job opportunities, increase earning potential, demonstrate your commitment to safety, and have peace of mind. If you’re interested in becoming forklift certified, start by finding a training program that meets OSHA’s requirements. With the right training and certification, you’ll be on your way to a rewarding career as a forklift operator.

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