Forklift License Training

Theory Courses

P.D.I.C. Professional Driver Improvement Course
In this course students review the basic log book skills required by every commercial truck driver. Students are taken through the process step-by-step of filling out a log book. Students are also taught about the different hours of work regulations that apply in Canada and the U.S.
School Bus Driver Improvement Course
In this course, the principles of defensive driving with relation to the commercial driver are covered. The curriculum is designed by the . This course is designed for persons currently in bus transportation.

Become a qualified forklift operator with us!

If you want to establish a career as a forklift operator and are wondering about forklift license and training, you are in the right place! At S&A Sprint Driving School Inc., we have qualified and experienced instructors to provide forklift training and ensure you learn the essentials to become an excellent operator. We offer comprehensive forklift training programs to get you on the path to establishing a successful career in this field.

Forklift License

Although you do not require a forklift license to operate the equipment, you need to undergo extensive training to learn the ins and outs of handling it. This is where we can help you! We have knowledgeable instructors at our driving school. We will not only ensure you learn the essentials but also help you gain the confidence required to operate the machine at different worksites.

Our Forklift License Training Course

As part of our forklift operator training program, we offer the following:

Basics of Forklift Operation

Whether you are required to work in a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, you must know the basics of operating a forklift. Our instructors will help you learn the fundamentals of handling the equipment safely and efficiently. We’ll also help you learn the tips and tricks of the trade as well as ensure you know about the essential guidelines and government regulations for handling a forklift.

Practical Lessons & Training

Our forklift license training includes several driving lessons, such as counterbalance, clamp truck, walkie, scissor lift, and other techniques. Our program is curated to meet the varied needs of our learners, including:

  • Inspecting a forklift, performing pre-shift examinations, battery and propane checks, and other parts of the machine before a task
  • Performing inventory checks and wrapping loads
  • Transporting goods between destinations using a forklift
  • Loading, unloading, and managing heavy loads
  • Removing finished goods or products from a facility or warehouse safely

Forklift Safety Training

Our forklift training programs are designed to educate individuals on how to prevent accidents and stay safe when operating the equipment. Our instructors can help you learn how to handle your forklift when working with hazardous goods, reduce the risk of falls from the machine, safely transport dangerous materials, and create a safe work environment.

Get Your Forklift Operator Training Lessons with Our Experts

We are dedicated to helping our students all they need to know to become a qualified, safe, and competent forklift operator. This is why we have comprehensive forklift operator training programs designed to offer both theoretical and practical knowledge.

For more details about our forklift license training program, feel free to reach out to us by calling 416 222 4190. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Forklift License & Training

How Do I Become a Qualified Forklift Operator in Toronto?

If you want to establish a successful career as a forklift operator in Ontario, it helps to enroll with a reputable driving school. At S&A Sprint Driving School Inc., we have qualified tutors to help you understand and learn the essentials of managing a forklift under different conditions and workplace environments.

What Does Your Forklift License Training Course Include?

We offer an extensive forklift operator training course in Toronto. Our program includes the basics of forklift driving, practical training, and safety training. We will help you become a competent driver, paving the way to establish a rewarding career.

Do I Need a Forklift License in Toronto?

In Ontario, you do not need a forklift license. However, you need to undergo forklift training to become qualified and certified to operate the vehicle in Toronto.