Forklift License Training

Theory Courses

P.D.I.C. Professional Driver Improvement Course
In this course students review the basic log book skills required by every commercial truck driver. Students are taken through the process step-by-step of filling out a log book. Students are also taught about the different hours of work regulations that apply in Canada and the U.S.
School Bus Driver Improvement Course
In this course, the principles of defensive driving with relation to the commercial driver are covered. The curriculum is designed by the . This course is designed for persons currently in bus transportation.

Before you enter our space for Forklift License Training, there are certain forklift safely operating tips you need to be aware of.

You need to be a qualified operator by getting proper training and a Forklift License :

  • Appropriate clothing is another concern
  • Before using the equipment, check it out thoroughly
  • Drive on a designated roadway and keep the maximum capacity in mind
  • Use horns, keep safe distance from other trucks in order to avoid hazards.

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