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March 9, 2017
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March 10, 2017

Top Qualities of A Good Driving Instructor

Every driving school in Toronto hires a driving instructor. We all understand the role an approved driving instructor plays in imparting knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of driving. The expertise of a driving instructor in Toronto depends upon the age and skill level of the individual. It has been generally found that instructors who have good knowledge rarely have experience or skill in imparting the same knowledge to other individuals. They are cognizant but are poor as teachers. Hence, an individual should not only be knowledgeable about driving aspects but should also have passion to disseminate this knowledge.

Level of Skills and Knowledge:

The basic requirement of any individual desiring to be a quality instructor is that they must possess excellent knowledge on driving. They should not only possess knowledge about speed of a vehicle, but also have good deal of information on road marks, signs, symbols, and speed limits on different types of roads. He must also have appropriate skills about driving on different types of roads in different climatic conditions, and parking the vehicle.


This is the top most quality that every driving instructor in Toronto must possess. He must understand that no two learners are same. Different individuals have varied driving skills. This must motivate him to monitor progress of individuals personally and adopt a unique approach for teaching driving to different learners. He or she must frame the lesson objectives in such a way that they meet needs of every individual from an amateur driver to a mildly skilled one.


An excellent driving instructor makes learning driving a fun activity by including creative methods of delivering instructions in his driving classes. This promotes the interest of the learner drivers. A good driver instructor turns mundane theoretical lessons into attractive presentations which interest the learners and invite inquisitiveness from them. A good instructor is always ready to answer even the basic doubts of all students.

Ensure Time Efficiency:

A quality instructor ensures that at the end of the course, all the students are equipped with sufficient driving knowledge. He or she doesn’t drag the lessons if they are not needed. At the same time, they will have the patience to manage things if there are some slow learners among the students. A good trainer sets a perfect pace of teaching which matches the skills of all students in the class.


Good instructors are proactive in nature. They take initiative to go beyond the book of procedures. They easily spot problems before they unleash themselves or their consequences. They guide their students to show initiative in case they are not able to follow the instructions or finding any aspect difficult. They teach their students to be responsible for their own decisions and actions.

Thus, the duty and responsibility of a quality driving instructor is beyond teaching the students how to drive on roads. It also includes teaching students to drive in a responsible manner.