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March 6, 2017
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March 10, 2017

Things to Consider Before Enrolling in a Driving School

The day we achieve the age, when we are eligible to apply for driving license, is special for all of us as it is the day when we can finally drive vehicle on the road. However, the main criteria, before applying for the license is, getting trained in the art of driving. A driving school in Toronto can deliver both theatrical and practical lessons on driving. It is a must to get perfected in driving to be able to drive vehicles on the road.

With market brimming up with a number of driving schools, you need to make a meticulous decision before enrolling in one. There are certain points which you need to consider before you pay your fees for getting trained for driving.

Hours of Instruction: You need to ask your driving school about the number of hours of instruction included in the driving course. This will give you a clear idea and help you choose the driving school which offers sufficient number of hours.

Average Student-Teacher Ratio: The lower this ratio, the better it is. You cannot expect a trainer to answer all your questions in a class filled with more than fifty students. The lower ratio will also increase your chances of one-to-one communication with the trainer.

Percentages Of Time Devoted To Different Training Aspects: You need to inquire about the amount of time the driving school of Toronto devotes for classroom learning, supervised driving, and real driving. Ensure that the driving time is at par with the time spent on other aspects of driving course.

MTO Certification: Ensure that the driving school, you get enrolled in, is MTO-approved. The schools shouldn’t be there in the list of MTO revoked driving schools. The instructor should hold proper insurance and a MTO provincial Instructor License to be eligible to teach driving education course.

Find out about the training material, the school offers to its students. Training material should be informative and also be self-explanatory so that you can refer it individually. The instructor should also provide progress reports to students all through the course.

Vehicle Insurance: Check if the vehicles used for training, cars or trucks, are properly insured and plated. The training vehicles, used to train candidates, must be appropriately insured and endorsed. The license must be displayed in the training vehicle, at the times, driving is being instructed.

Experience: This is the most important criteria. An experienced driving school can custom-design its instructions to meet your driving comfort-level. An experienced driving instructor can ensure that people with varying driving skills meet their goals.

Course Fees: You must also find out the driving course fees before you enroll in the driving school. You need to find out if they offer pick-up and drop-off facility. If they don`t provide such facility, you need to consider the commuting charge in the course fees. In such cases, it is important to consider the distance between your driving school and area of your residence.

An experienced driving school meeting the guidelines set by state laws and also the points stated above can help you gain perfection in the art of driving.