Theory Courses

Air Brake Endorsement Course
This course is will provide you with a complete understanding of the air brake system. At the end of this course you will be able to identify all the components of the air brake system and ensure that they are in proper working order. In order to operate a vehicle with an air brake system this course is mandatory. Acquired certificate: Air Brake Endorsement Certificate from the Ontario Safety League
Air Brake Adjustment
The Air Brake Adjustment course will teach students with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to inspect air brake systems as well as correct and faults within the prescribed limits. Course prerequisites: air brake endorsement (Z) course. Acquired certificate: Air Brake Adjustment Certificate from the Ontario Safety League
Air Brake Endorsement Weekend Course
This course is designed to provide students with complete and thorough knowledge of the air brake system. Students will be able to identify all of the air brake components and ensure that they are in proper working order. It is mandatory for the operator of an air brake equipped vehicle to have a "Z" endorsement in their license. Acquired certificate: Air Brake Endorsement Certificate from the Ontario Safety League This course does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
Border Crossing & National Safety Code
This course is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of how border crossing and regulations apply to commercial truck driving. In this 6 hour course, the student is taught customs documentation, U.S. border regulation, Map reading, Trip Planning and Scale house. Acquired certificate: The Theory of National Safety Code, Border Crossing and Scale House
New Hours of work US and Canada
In this course students review the basic log book skills required by every commercial truck driver. Students are taken through the process step-by-step of filling out a log book. Students are also taught about the different hours of work regulations that apply in Canada and the U.S. Acquired certificate: Log Book (Hours of Work) Certificate
P.D.I.C. Professional Driver Improvement Course
In this course, the principles of defensive driving in relation to the commercial driver are covered. The curriculum is designed by the Canada Safety Council to promote positive attitudes and teach drivers to avoid problems created by others. Acquired certificate: Canada Safety Council Certificate
Transportation of Dangerous Goods
This course examines the laws and regulations that apply to the carriage of dangerous goods. In this course the driver will be taught the different classes of dangerous goods, how they affect the commercial truck driver, and the responsibilities of the driver when dangerous goods are on board. This course is designed for persons with a current background in transportation. Acquired certificate: Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate

Toronto’s Best Driving School Instructors

With over 25 years of experience, S&A Sprint Driving School Inc. is committed to providing learners with the opportunity to master the art of driving. Our professional courses allow you to enter the commercial driving industry with the confidence and knowledge of a seasoned driver. We have the best driving instructors in Toronto to help you in your journey. Enroll in our non-vocational training courses to learn at your convenience and get ready to hit the road.

Our Professional Driving Courses in Toronto

We are committed to ensuring society has responsible vehicle operators, especially for heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses, among others. Our comprehensive driving programs include:

  • AZ License Training
  • DZ License Training
  • BZ Bus License Training
  • CZ Bus License Training
  • Boating License Training
  • Forklift License Training
  • G license Training

Professional Driving Instructors in Toronto

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Our instructors are veteran drivers who have worked with top companies in North America. We will ensure you have the adequate theoretical and practical knowledge to advance your career in Canada’s driving industry. Our qualified team of tutors includes:

Truck Driving Instructors

Our training courses are curated to follow the best standards. We have professional tutors to create an enjoyable and professional experience while ensuring you gain a competitive edge in the trucking industry. We will help you learn the essential skills required to drive a truck safely and establish a successful career.

Bus Driving Instructors

Our bus driving program is designed to help you learn the best tips and tricks for managing the vehicle. You will learn under the guidance of experienced bus drivers and have access to crucial concepts and lessons to obtain your license.

Tutors for Forklift Driving

Enrolling in our forklift driving course will help you get approved to operate the equipment. Our instructors will provide you with in-depth, hands-on training about forklifts and ensure you understand your duties, procedures, and workplace safety measures.

Boat Driving Instructors

Our boat driving program is all about helping you understand basic and advanced boat handling, theories and safety techniques. Our instructors will guide you throughout the course, answer your questions, and help you become a responsible operator.

Our Primary Driving Instructor in Toronto

Avi Yanko – the owner of S&A Sprint Driving School, is one of the finest truck driving instructors. He brings his extensive experience, knowledge and professional etiquette to the table. His love for teaching new minds reflects in his teaching style, techniques and the enlightened atmosphere he maintains during class.

Avi Yanko’s life and driving instructor skills have become a personal identifying factor. Avi’s father was an instructor in Russia, Israel and one of Canada’s first Russian-speaking instructors and attained his first truck licence in 1978 in Moldova, Russia, pursued his interest in this field and got his licence in 1979 Israel. To advance his appreciation for driving and trucking, he immediately acquired his license for ABMZ in 1985 when he arrived in Canada. He became a licenced instructor in 1989.

To ensure and develop his knowledge and experience, he decided to take part, first hand, in the trucking industry. He gained irreplaceable experience working as an owner-operator in Province Cartage, Magna International, Can-Am, CN Rail and as an instructor in Mike’s Driving School at the same time.

In addition to his experience, he completes courses and continuously upgrades his knowledge to ensure his teaching resources are up-to-date. He brings his admiration for the field and his extensive experience acquired throughout his life to this school and hopes to help, inform and advance future students with similar interests.

Learn with the Best Driving Instructors in Toronto

Whether you want to learn how to ride a boat, drive a bus or truck or manage a forklift, we have instructors who will fulfil all your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer or an experienced driver looking to upgrade your skills; we have comprehensive courses to suit your needs.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our forklift, boat, bus or truck driving instructors in Toronto. Enroll in our programs to accelerate your career and open up new doors for your future!