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How to Drive Your Truck Safely in Accident-Prone Zones?

Accidents are one of the major causes of death in Canada. Some places happen to be known as most of the accident-prone zones. This is why truck driving instructors often stress upon the importance of safe driving techniques.

We think that we are taking necessary steps toward road safety but the reality is more efforts are required to keep the drivers alert and make them pay attention over the road while driving.

There are road safety awareness programs conducted in Canada every year with the aim to reduce fatalities and serious injuries caused due to accidents.

How to Drive Your Truck Safely in Accident-Prone Zones

Tips from Driving Instructors to Avoid Truck Accidents

There are certain rules and regulations to be kept in mind while driving a truck in Toronto, Canada in order to avoid accidents. To start with – be responsible when behind the wheel. Leave room around your vehicle to give more space to others. Along with the mirrors, be alert and check the blind stops often. Know your truck’s bind spots and always be alert while moving in these directions.

Maintaining a speed limit is very much required while driving, no matter how tempted you are to press the accelerator. Hence, avoid aggressive driving.

Take care of the signals on the road. Do not run red lights or increase your speed in yellow light. While in the training school, driving instructors guide you with every possible driving conditions. Pay attention during the practical experience and remember what you have learnt. This not only increases others safety on the road but yours as well.

According to experienced truck driving instructors, distraction while driving can also lead to accidents. Avoid reading maps/directions, or eating & drinking behind the wheels. Phones also reduce awareness of the surroundings. Consider proper sleep at night and regular stops while driving to avoid fatigue. Eat and drink as light as possible and if you feel sleepy, switch off the engine and take a quick nap. A few minutes delay is better than never reaching your destination!

Trucks in good condition also help prevent accidents. There are various technologies inbuilt in trucks which help avoid mishaps such as the anti-lock braking system. It reduces the possibilities of brake locking up, hence, the driver does not lose control while braking hard. There are new technologies implementing certain features in the vehicles which reduce the probabilities of accidents. One of them is the brake assist system – it uses hydraulic pressure helping the truck driver reach optimal braking force.

Make sure there is enough light in front of the vehicle when cornering. Pay attention over the road and make sure that you have enough room to manoeuvre your truck avoiding any kind of accident. It is important to focus on road safety rules while driving a truck in Toronto. Accidents are usually unplanned but can be avoided with little alertness. Try anticipating what other drivers would do in that situation and work accordingly.

Weather condition should be kept in mind while driving. Slow down during heavy rainfall or fog. Ensure the truck tyres have the right air pressure. Over-inflation can reduce the rolling friction on a wet surface.

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