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August 25, 2020
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How Has COVID-19 Affected the Truck Driving Industry?

Want to become a trucker and need a driving instructor in Toronto? The current scenario with the pandemic raging wild across the globe would have made you wonder if taking up a trucking career is the right choice at the moment. Here is some interesting information on the trucking industry to help you pick the right driving instructor in Toronto to help you with your career!

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Increase in Shipping Volumes

Shipping volumes have increased significantly since the pandemic has hit the world. People have been working from homes for the past few months now, increasing the demand for essential supplies more than ever. As a result, store owners and suppliers are facing increased pressure to keep their shelves stocked. Consequentially, more truckers are needed on the roads to transport essentials to stores. This increasing demand could be your opportunity. Find the right truck driving instructor to help you shape your career!

The Boom in Trucking Jobs

Truck drivers are the link in the chain that ensures that the products from manufacturers reach stores and eventually end-users. It is for this reason that the requirement for truckers is expected to increase in the coming years.

The pandemic has also shown the world how equally effective the work from home arrangement is. Several organizations could adopt the remote working system for its employees in the coming future. So the demand for supplies is expected to continue for years to come, implying a boom in trucking jobs in the future. Now is the time to look for truck driving schools in Mississauga and enroll for driving lessons!

How Can Truckers Stay Safe from Infection

The common perception is that truckers can catch the infection easily because they have to drive to distant locations. However, the fact is that maintaining social distancing is pretty easy for truck drivers. Since they are mostly confined to solitary spaces, drivers can keep their distance from others and stay safe. Nevertheless, maintaining safety precautions is necessary. You shall be taught about all the safety precautions that truckers need to take during Toronto driving lessons.

Also, truck drivers usually do not load or unload their vehicles. This keeps them safe from coming in contact with others.

Safety Precautions a Truck Driver Must Observe

Truck drivers need to observe the following safety precautions to keep themselves safe from infection:

  • Keep a hand sanitizer handy at all times. Washing hands with water and soap while on the road may not be possible. Hence, truck drivers are encouraged to keep hand sanitizers and disinfectants with them at all times
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of the cabin. Drivers spend long hours within their cabins driving, and so it must be cleaned and disinfected to protect them from the virus
  • Carry multiple face masks. Washable masks need regular cleaning to ensure effectiveness. Since truck drivers cannot wash their face masks while on the go, they are encouraged to keep multiple face masks with them while on the road
  • Wear PPE when in places where maintaining social distancing is not possible

The pandemic has affected economies and several career paths. However, the trucking industry is expected to grow and the career opportunities for truckers shall grow in the coming years. If you are keen on exploring a career in the trucking industry, enrolling for a driving course with Sprint Driving – the top driving school in Canada!

Let Us Help You Kick Start Your Trucking Career

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