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Common Myths about Forklift Training You Should Know About

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the training required and the use of a forklift truck. You can find loads of information online about forklift truck jobs, which can often confuse people interested in taking up employment as a forklift truck operator. If you are interested in working as a forklift truck operator, we are busting a few common myths associated with forklift training:

Forklift Training

a. Forklift Operators Must be Certified

Most people confuse certification for obtaining a license when it comes to forklift operations. You must understand that there is no such forklift license specified for forklift operators. Of course, forklift training from a reputed driving school is a must. The requirement is understandable as an employer would expect an operator to know how to perform his job well while operating a forklift truck safely.

b. Forklift Operators Must Carry Their License on Them While Operating the Forklift

Except for a certain province in Canada, forklift operator training certificates are not required on the operator using the forklift. The forklift training certificate usually assures that the operator is qualified to use the truck, but its physical presence is not mandatory when the operator is at work.

c. Forklift Operators Must be Re-certified or Re-trained Every Three Years

Re-training or re-certification is a major deterrent for most people who would like to pursue a career as a forklift truck operator. Re-training is required only if performance issues crop up, and the operator does not deliver the results needed during a skill test that is to be taken every three years. Also, if there are changes in the forklift or the type of forklift used then the operator needs retraining.

d. Forklift Operators Can Work Anywhere Once They are Certified

No. Forklift certification is specific to the equipment the operator is using and the workplace. It is not valid across locations and cannot be transferred. As per Canadian authorities, this certification needs to be upgraded whenever there are changes in the equipment used. So for those who are already working as forklift operators and join a new location as their worksite, their previous certification will not be valid. They will need testing of their skill and re-certification for the specific job site.

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