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How Can Long Haul Truck Drivers Reduce the Impact of COVID-19?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented damage to economies, forced people to work out homes, and live in fear and uncertainty. The nation’s truckers have taken on the frontline with the responsibility of ensuring the stores remain stocked throughout these hard times, and everyone has enough supplies to survive the pandemic. With the increasing demand for supplies, there is also a consecutive increase in the demand for truck drivers. If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, you have several companies that are providing driving lessons in Toronto!

If you already are a truck driver and undertake multiple long hauls in supplying essentials, here is what you should do to keep yourself safe from infection:

Steps to Keep Safe From Infection

  1. Stay inside your truck while refuelling, loading, or unloading of supplies.
  2. Avoid shaking hands
  3. Opt for e-receipts as this will reduce your contact with other people
  4. Clean and disinfect that you often touch, such as door handles, steering wheel, seat belts, etc.
  5. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use a sanitizer with 60 percent alcohol before having or preparing food
  6. Make sure you disinfect and sanitize your hands after touching surfaces that are often used by others.
  7. Get adequate sleep for about 7-9 hours before driving. Even if you are on a long haul, make sure you get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep is known to lower immunity and can expose you to infection.
  8. If you feel tired, pull over for a cup of coffee, or take a nap for half an hour to help your body to recover.
  9. Do not share your PPE kit with anyone.
  10. Only use the rest stops identified by your employer.
  11. If driving with your team, practice safety by wearing a mask
  12. Avoid touching your mouth, face, and eyes before sanitizing your hands.

The government is taking several initiatives to ensure the safety of truck drivers during this pandemic. You can read more about the regulations and benefits offered by the government on the Centre for Disease website.

As the demand for truckers are increasing, several driving schools are provide online access to driving lessons in Toronto. You can pursue the course and then follow up with practical knowledge and certification.

Shortage of Truck Drivers a Growing Concern

For months, people have been working, and children have been taking online lessons from home. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for essential supplies. While truckers are doubling up to ensure that their fellow citizens get essentials, the sad truth is that there are not as many truckers in the country to deliver the volume required.

Freight waves, a publication dedicated to truck drivers, has reported a 29.5 percent spike in truckload volume. As a result, the demand for truck drivers has increased multifold. This has also caused a spike in driving lessons in Toronto.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver, this is your chance to contribute to the country’s fight against the pandemic. Enroll for driving lessons today with Sprint Driving – the leading driving school in Canada. Sprint Driving offers expert driving tutors in Toronto to provide necessary skills and confidence through step-by-step instruction and on-the-road experience.

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