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Your Boat Maintenance Checklist: Make Your Boat Summer Ready

Your Boat Maintenance Checklist: Make Your Boat Summer Ready

The weather is beginning to warm up, which means it is the perfect time to resume your boating activities again. Who does not like to row a boat under clear skies and a warm breeze? One thing that people unanimously dislike is a malfunction in the middle of the water, which is why pre-season boat maintenance is an absolute necessity.

Before hitting the water, checking all the essential elements of boats is a wise idea, that way, you do not have to waste the perfect weather on boat repair. To reduce the risk of breakdown, having regular inspections before the start of a season is advisable. It is also crucial that you keep your boat in good condition as a licensed boater to ensure that your investment will last you for ages. Our boat maintenance checklist to ensure you have covered all your bases.

  • Before starting your journey, you will need to examine your boat’s hull and bilge for cracks or leaks. If there are any cracks and leaks on the surface, it can cause water to begin flooding your vessel, causing colossal damage. Inspect the fiberglass as cracks can be hard to spot there.
  • Things to add to your boating maintenance checklist – check fueling, electric systems, and the cooling system. If flushing out your cooling system is part of your maintenance end season checklist, ensuring that you refill it should be part of your pre-season one. If you skipped the step, you must drain and flush out the cooling system and replace the antifreeze.
  • Figuring out your boat’s outdrive’s status and working condition is an important step. It includes inspecting shafts, propellers, and all the nuts and pins.
  • Ensuring the throttle control is in good working shape is a crucial part of the process.
  • Throw away and replace any worn or broken lines and hoes as soon as possible.
  • Any loose or frayed connections and wires could be a potential safety hazard. It is best to check all the electrical connections across the boat and amend them immediately.
  • To avoid any mishaps out in the water, remember to check if your navigation lights are in proper working condition as they play the role of turn signals when you are boating in poor visibility.
  • Remember to check and thoroughly clean your engine flame arrestor with water and the appropriate soap to allow more air to enter your engine.
  • Whether a car or your boat, you need to replace your engine oil. Gasoline engines must have their oil changed every 100 hours of run time to ensure longevity and proper functioning.
  • Inspect and replace your filters if necessary, including air and fuel filters.
  • Ensure that your boat still has its charging capacity by running your engine and checking that your gauges and alternators are fully functional.
  • Your battery should ideally hold its charge for 24 hours, so make sure you check its condition, especially if you are planning on going for long trips.
  • In an ideal situation, your boat’s battery should hold its charge for a whole day or 24 hours, so before you go on your summer boating trip, check if the charging is up to the mark.

The winter inactivity can take a massive toll on your vessel, from the fuel getting stale to fluids drying up and batteries discharging. If not addressed, all of these issues can threaten the longevity and safety of your boat. So this summer, before you take your boat out for a spin, make sure that it receives all the preseason love it deserves. Fix all the issues that might keep you from enjoying the serene blue water.

Another thing to keep in mind is your boat license. If your boat has a motor, it requires a boat driving license. For Canadian residents, it is known as the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. You will need to obtain one before hitting the water.

Get Your Boat Driving License Today

The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations of Canada requires proof of competency like a Boating License or a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) to operate a motorized boat (fitted with an engine) in Ontario waters. This boat driving license has lifetime validity and doesn’t require regular renewal. To ensure the safety of yourself as well as others, you need to obtain this license.

Become a better boater and learn from experts in the industry. With dynamic and flexible training, boost your knowledge and reduce the risk of injury and property damage. To learn more regarding obtaining a boating license in Ontario, contact us at 416 222 4190 or drop us a mail at [email protected]. The S&A Sprint Driving School Inc. professionals are happy to help you out.