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September 21, 2018
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Some Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe

Canadians are very much aware about the rough winters in North America. Often the temperature drops to -2 and -1 degree celsius. The temperature and the ice-covered roads together result in a climate that is difficult to drive in. With ice-roads that cut through mountains, it becomes a threat for the driver to drive through the steep roads.

Ontario, being in the east-central part of Canada, witnesses the same conditions in winters. If you do not drive with caution in winters, you are bound get into minor or major road accident.

Canadian cities have stern driving rules that a driver needs to follow, in order to use a vehicle. However, you need to have some winter driving sensibilities to enhance your confidence on winter roads. Sprint Driving, the best driving school in Toronto, has given below a few tips that you can adhere to, to have a safe drive in winters.

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1. Plan Ahead On Your Trips

Winter is not the best time to make impromptu decisions on driving routes. Plan your road trip meticulously before you begin your winter journey. Plan alternatives to your usual routes, in case of any inaccessibility or the usual route being non-serviceable. Mark all the gas stations and restaurants on your way, in case of any emergency.

Try not to take short cuts or unknown roads in Winter. Stick to the route you know or have planned.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Always try to wear clothes that are easy to carry and makes you feel normal and comfortable on your long winter drives. This will help you to keep your focus on the road. Choose your dress wisely before you begin driving.

3. Have a Regular Maintenance of Car

Do not like waiting for a tow truck in case of a breakdown? Try waiting for it in winters! It is absolutely annoying and gets worse if it’s snowing. To avoid all this drama, try to have a regular maintenance of your car.

Before you begin to drive, make sure to check on your car’s braking system, oil, windshield, fuel, among other things. This will help you to access the condition of your car., making your drive more comfortable.

4. Get A Survival Kit

It would be thoughtful to have a survival kit for your drive in winters. It is crucial to keep your essentials handy in the rough winter conditions. You can stock up necessities like phone charger, safety vest, first aid kit, torch, water, eatables, blanket, shove and like.

5. Keep Your Family Informed About Your Driving Plans

Weather can change any minute, making your drive uncertain to the weather adversities. Always keep someone or your family informed about your trip and whereabouts. Also try to send them your location for a complete tracking.

6. Make Your Car Winter Ready

You car should have the following before your commence your journey:

a. Bright Lights
b. Working Headlights
c. Full tank of gas
d. Internal Heater

This will keep you car in the best condition for all your winter trips.

7. Take Driving Lessons

Canada experiences the harshest winter, thus enrolling yourself in a driving lesson will help you train yourself and be ready for such conditions. We, at Sprint Driving provide lessons based on the person’s capabilities and we are known to be the most outstanding truck driving school in Toronto. We cater to drivers of all ages, making them confident about themselves and their driving. Be prepared for winters and enroll yourself at Sprint Driving!