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September 6, 2018
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October 9, 2018

Pre-requisites for a Safe Driving

We all are quite familiar with the pressures of driving for a few initial months in learning. It’s already difficult to concentrate on the road, let alone people accompanying you and playing music.

At Sprint Driving, the best driving school in Toronto, we know all about driving and how important it is to focus while driving. Give us any vehicle and we will be able to teach you how to drive with precision.

Best Driving School in Toronto

We have mentioned a few pointers you should always keep in mind in order to have a safe drive.

1. First and foremost, Seat Belts!

Several accidents happen every day, due to the negligence towards wearing a seat belt. Always wear a seat belt before you begin to drive.

2. Check Tires

A proper, regular check on your tires is necessary. The manufacturer mentions the required psi pressure on the tires, so you can easily review the pressure and add more pressure if needed.

3. Tail Lights and Headlights

Give a regular check to tail lights, headlights, and turn signals.

4. Your Seating

People with different heights require a different adjustment to their seat. Always try to ascertain that the seat adjustment matches your height. A perfect adjustment would be when you can easily reach the pedals and steering while having ample leg-space.

5. Look where you are driving

Eyes on the roads. If something were to happen, it will happen in front of your car. Thus, while in light or heavy traffic, try to look as far in front of you, on the road. This will give you more room to react.

6. In-car distraction

Try to have a low in-car distraction. Even the professional drivers prefer to have silence while driving in bad weather. Try to keep your kids busy and seated so they do not distract you while you are driving.

7. Adjust your mirrors

Just like your seat, your mirrors also need adjustments. But you should not completely rely on the mirrors. You should always keep a watch over your shoulders.

8. Take Winter Lessons

Being in Canada, one thing you ought to do is to take a Winter Driving Lessons. Winter roads are very much different from the normal road and if you are new to the weather in Canada, this lesson becomes mandatory.

Lastly, always try to keep your cool while driving. Being under stress can make you lose your focus. You can always mutter away your stress and maintain your calm on the road.

Are you a new driver and need assistance with your driving? Call Sprint Driving now and learn from one of the leading driving school in Toronto!

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