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August 21, 2014
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October 24, 2014

North York Driving School

The way people are driving these days, one thing is quite clear – many more of us should be opting for formal, professional driver training.  Quite often, it’s a mess out there.  And we all know that the roads, rush hours, and quality of drivers contribute to that mess.  The fact is, there is nothing like a skilled, qualified instructor to train a new driver (or re-train an existing driver).  At S&A Sprint Driving School we have those qualified instructors, and we have the proper training.

As an established North York driving school, S&A Sprint Driving School offers driving lessons for all ages, and for all license categories.  We have the best instructors, with years of driver-training experience, who have taught all kinds of students.  Our driver training is customized to suit the needs of the student, and combines driving theory with in-car instruction – it’s a combination that prepares the student to become a well-trained, proficient driver.

If you are currently looking for a North York driving school, make the appropriate choice by being well informed about the various options.  If you consider all of the pre-requisites that make for a good school, you will be better positioned to find the ideal training facility.  Low teacher/student ratio, for example, may be important for you – it certainly makes for a better learning experience.  This is true for both in-class course material AND in-car training.

It’s also important to consider the kind of “behind-the-wheel” training that is offered.  A good driving school will combine various time slots that include daytime driving, nighttime driving and even highway driving.  Indeed, the more comprehensive – the better.  With the supervision of a skilled and qualified instructor, good training will encompass a full understanding of traffic laws, a good appreciation of speed regulations, and an inclination for safe driving practices.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, the teaching materials are based on the standards that are set out by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  It means that our North York driving school can offer the best training possible with course material that is current and relevant.  After all, we are training students to be tested, and eventually receive their driving license.  We don’t want our students to have only the basic skills – we want them to be expert, with driving skills that will last.

S&A Sprint Driving School takes driving lessons seriously.  We are a Private Career College, with instructors who are certified by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and by the Ontario Safety League.  We teach teens, adults, and seniors, and we educate with an approach that is unmatched in the driver-training industry.  Our facility incorporates skilled teachers and quality instruction, producing drivers who are sell-rounded and street savvy.

Driving lessons offered at our North York driving school are ideal for new drivers, drivers who require re-certification, and drivers who want to upgrade their skills.  For the professional driver, we offer truck-driving lessons, bus-driving lessons, and specialized training for all commercial categories – even forklift certification and boat driving licenses.  In short, you’ll be hard pressed to find a quality facility like S&A Sprint Driving School.