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August 21, 2014
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September 26, 2014

AZ Driving School in Toronto

S&A Sprint Driving School is a well-established and accredited AZ driving school in Toronto.  We offer all of the courses required to obtain the AZ license, and we employ a “tailor-made” approach that meets the specific needs of the student.  In fact, we guarantee that when our students have successfully finished our training program, they will have experienced the most comprehensive training available, including the latest safe-driving techniques and the most current rules and regulations of the road.

The AZ driving course at S&A Sprint Driving School qualifies for licensing on a tractor-trailer or a combination of vehicle and towed vehicle (where the towed vehicle exceeds 4,600 kg.).  The Z portion of the license refers to the driver’s skill level with air brakes.  This license will open up many possibilities in terms of job options – tractor-trailer drivers, for example, may choose long runs, over-night trips, or day-to-day work, depending on their personal needs.  Indeed, with the AZ license, a qualified driver can operate a conventional truck, a dump truck, or a garbage truck.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, our AZ driving school in Toronto trains student drivers based on their specific needs.  Courses are comprehensive in nature, and will appeal to students will all kinds of career directions:  some might be looking for an entirely new career as a driver; some might require re-certification of an existing license; and some might just want to upgrade their skills in order to enhance their current employment.  Whatever the situation, we fully prepare each student to be ready for licensing.

S&A Sprint Driving School is accredited through the Ontario Career Colleges Act.   Our instructors are fully certified by the Ontario Safety League (the leading traffic safety organization), and we ensure that our students get the highest standard of instruction possible.  All classroom courses, and all on-road training comply with guidelines that are prescribed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and when training is complete, the new AZ driver will meet all the requirements stipulated by the leading industry carriers.

Beyond learning driving techniques and procedures, our students are also exposed to additional training that’s not always available at other schools.  We teach our students backing techniques; logbook maintenance; coupling and uncoupling; and daily inspection routines.  It’s a complete and comprehensive approach that covers the full range of skill development.  We also teach pre-trip inspection; air-brake systems management; progressive shifting; and steering.  Finally, we focus on the aspects of driver training that might be considered the most important: defensive driving methods; handling various hazardous materials; and road safety rules and regulations. 

Today, there is a growing shortage of truck drivers in the industry – it means that the short-term outlook for jobs is quite positive.  The good news is that companies are looking for quality drivers, those who possess excellent skills and who can satisfy the high demands of the top employers.  At S&A Sprint Driving School, we can provide you with those skills; so if you’re looking for an AZ driving school in Toronto, look no further.