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September 26, 2014
What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Driving School
November 11, 2014

Tips On Finding the Perfect Driving School

With every driving school in the region claiming to be the best, its difficult to make a choice, and even more difficult to be sure about that choice.  Let’s start with the fundamentals – which should apply to every school, and in every region.  In Ontario, recognized driving schools are approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Transportation.  As well, the curriculum, the teaching materials, and the instructors are all governed by the standards as set out by the MTO.  If the driving school qualifies as a Ontario Career College – that’s even better.

Needless to say, a driving school instructor should be certified and licensed by the MTO.  In fact, additional endorsements from organizations like the Ontario Safety League should also be noted.  The very best driver training will combine driving theory (in the classroom) with in-car training (on the road instruction).  This is the ideal combination for a student driver to become proficient and well trained.  And if a school offers a customized approach to suit individual students needs, that is an added bonus in favor of the student.

In the end, the driving school that you choose should satisfy your needs, and by recognizing your pre-requisites you’ll be able to find the perfect driving school for you.  For example, a low teacher to student ratio naturally makes for a better learning experience – clearly, it’s more personal and more hands-on.  It’s also important to assess the kind of in-car training that’s offered – a good training facility will incorporate driving instruction for day-time driving, night-time driving and highway driving.  For a student driver, the more comprehensive, the better.  

Driving theory should never be underestimated for the new student driver.  A good driving school will emphasize driving theory – this includes a thorough understanding of traffic laws; a genuine appreciation for speed regulations; and a tendency towards safe driving practices.  And in today’s challenging driving environment, it’s these kinds of skills that will contribute to a safe, responsible driver.  As with any kind of specialty training, the objective should be expertise.  Don’t just choose a driving school that provides only the basics – find the training that will last a lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to choose a driving school when a “deal” is offered or a “sale” advertised.  But when deciding on driving lessons, it’s important to consider more than just the price.  Driver education and training, especially for the young driver, is more important than finding a good sale.  In this respect, finding an established, reputable facility, with top-notch instructors and a sound curriculum, is far more important than saving a few bucks.  These are skills that will serve the new driver for decades to come.

When it’s time for testing and licensing, a good driving school will continue to be at your side.  And this should include more than just booking and arranging a test date.  Indeed, good advice and guidance is invaluable.  A good instructor reminds the student about proper lane changing; about approaching an intersection; about merging into traffic; about dealing with emergency vehicles; and about pedestrian courtesy.  It all adds up to a successful driver test, and better still, it makes for a great new driver.