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March 12, 2018
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How to Maintain a Healthy Truck Driver Lifestyle?

The first and foremost concern of truck drivers should be their safety. At the same time, they should maintain a healthy trucker lifestyle.

By the end of this post, you will know how to lead a healthy life while handling your career as a truck driver.

To begin with, here are a few health tips for truck drivers from the instructors of best driving school in Ottawa.

8 Health Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy

1) Breakfast – An essential meal

Although it is a general tip for a healthier lifestyle, having a nutritious breakfast every day will undoubtedly help you out. It is a sure way to energize yourself and will keep you active throughout the day.

2) Healthy snacks

It is an adequate way to keep yourself healthy when you are on the move. A few healthy snacks for truck drivers which you can have at short intervals are listed underneath:

  • Dry fruits and mixed nuts
  • String cheese
  • Hummus (if you like it), and veggies
  • Yogurt
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Fresh fruits
  • Trail mix with protein-rich ingredients you like
  • Energy drinks & protein bars

3) Include salad & leafy vegetables

It will help you increase your focus. Moreover, leafy greens are rich in vitamins which can improve your vision, a major requirement for truck drivers.

4) Drink enough water

Not drinking sufficient water will hamper your alertness as well as focus on the road. In order to avoid this, it is inevitable for you to consume enough water throughout the day.

5) Avoid too much coffee

You might be tempted to have more coffee to remain awake during your trip. But you must not give in to this urge! Stick to just two cups a day, and you will assuredly do well.

6) Reduce the consumption of soft drinks

You might have a weakness for the pops, but they are not a healthy choice because they lead to dehydration. Alternatively, you can add juices and tea to your diet.

7) Avoid fast food

Do not opt for fast foods, no matter how conveniently they are available to you! Instead, you can have salads which will sit well in your stomach when you are on a long trip.

8) Get enough sleep

It is essential for truck drivers to get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep affects your health as well as yours and others safety.

After the health tips, let us discuss truck drivers’ sleep requirements now.

How Many Hours can a Truck Driver Drive?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there is a 14-hour driving window to be followed by the truckers.

It says that if you have been working for 14 hours continuously, you must take rest for the next 10 consecutive hours, only after which you can drive your truck again.

The 8-hour rule for truck drivers mandates a 30-minute break after driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) continuously for 8 hours.

How to stay awake while driving long distances?
While discussing sleep requirements, let us take a look at a few essential tips to help truckers stay awake while driving.

5 Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Awake While Driving

  • 20-minute power naps

    It is always advisable to take naps for a short period of 20 minutes. It will help you be alert as well as make you feel energized.

  • Take breaks as and when required

    Never skip your break-time in order to reach your destination early. Those few skipped minutes might prove to be fatal as a tired truck driver on the wheel can lead to disasters.

  • Listening to music or audiobooks

    It is an assured way to keep yourself awake. But make sure that you do not zone out while listening to music.
    Take a look at our post on “Best 15 Truck Driver Apps for Easy Trucking.” You can find a few helpful trucking apps plus good music and audiobooks apps to keep you awake.

  • Reduce the heat

    Keeping your vehicle warm can relax you to such an extent that you could end up being too cozy and fall asleep. In order to avoid this, we suggest that you dial down the temperature in your truck.

  • Sleeping & eating habits

    Merely follow the tips and advice regarding healthy eating habits and driving hours mentioned above.

Keep in mind all these simple instructions for a safe and successful career as a truck driver.

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