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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Our Truck Driving Academy

You Wish to Learn How to Drive a Truck. Awesome!

Before giving you valid reasons to choose our Truck Driving Academy, let me tell you some of the great benefits you-being a truck driver can expect. You would not be sitting inside the closed walls of an office, you can move around and see the country, and most importantly, you have excellent growth opportunities.

However, there is a flip side to this as well. Being on road for a longer period of time increases the risk of accidents and crashes. Therefore, along with extensive driving skills, one of the major points of focus at Sprint Academy is to teach you to stay calm, alert, and careful on the road and the surroundings.

Now, keep in mind some of the points at the time of selecting a truck driving academy. First prepare yourself mentally to learn and be trained. Start with an open mind as you might be exposed to skill sets which you have never been aware of or know only a little about them. Such as backing, coupling, shifting, and inspecting a large vehicle on road. Once you are mentally prepared, check on the following points which will help you choose the best driving school.

Just like choosing a college, here too you need to determine what factors are more important to you. Do you need a training academy which is closer to your house? Are you looking for a flexible schedule which would match up with your other commitments? Get all your questions answered before you finalize the training school.

1. Check the Type of School

There are different types of driving academies: licensed, certified, and accredited training schools. A licensed school usually meets the minimum state facility, curriculum, and training requirements. A certified academy is completely licensed by the state. It is inspected by a third party company to ensure that the school meets the required standard. Here, students only graduate when they pass the exams as per the required standards for the trucking industry. While an accredited school meet certain regulations and policies set by the concerned department.

A great start for you will be to select an academy which is MTO (ministry) approved beginner driver education courses. Sprint Academy is one of the best choices for you.

2. Comprehensive Training Program

Look for a driving school which has a comprehensive training program. It should have a good number of on-the-road training sessions along with the traditional classroom sessions.

3. Check the Placement Records

Your ultimate goal for seeking a driving school is to get a job as a professional truck driver. Do look for a high job placement record of the driving school. Check for their reputation in job placement of their alumni. When the question is about your future, take no chances. Do not be afraid to ask about their placement success rate and which companies recent graduates were placed.

4. Check the Fee

Avoid schools which offer ‘Free Training Programs’. It can be a scam. Training requires equipment, fuel, instructors, space, along with time and a lot of efforts from the academy. It cannot be free. Someone has to pay for these things. If not you, WHO? Therefore, before getting tempted by the ‘free’ tag, get a reality check that anything which comes free is not worth your time and efforts.

5. Look for Job Options Immediately

As soon as you complete the training, start looking for job options. It is said that these skills might deteriorate if not used on a continuous basis. On the other hand, utilizing the training will enhance the skills. At Sprint Academy, you will have the ability to check for job options and apply for multiple ones as per your interest areas.

Other Important Points Considered at Sprint Academy

The courses designed in Sprint Academy keep in mind all the details required while driving a truck. Along with the technical skills and practical exposure, we also take care of the mental state of the prospective driver which is very important while being on the road. Check for the following points.

1. Take Care of Your Blind Spots

Check your sides always. Some small vehicle drivers might not be aware of a truck’s blind spots. Hence, might get close to the ‘no zone’ areas which can be dangerous for both the truck and the other vehicles. These points could be: the side of the truck, behind the side mirrors, and immediately behind the truck. Hence, check these areas before changing lanes and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road.

2. Maintain Your Truck

Make sure you take good care of your truck. See that it is in perfect working condition. This helps in safe driving. Check all the essentials every morning before you hit the road. Pay special attention to the brakes. If you find anything which needs to be worked on, give some time and address the issue. This is not only for your safety but also others on the road.

3. Manage Yourself

While taking good care of your vehicle, looking after yourself is also very important. Get a good amount of sleep, eat healthy food, and make sure to stay fit. These will be good your personal self and take care of safety on the road. Good health leads to alertness which is required while driving.

Choosing the right truck driving academy is a big decision which needs extensive research, time, and efforts from your end. The right school can help you enhance your skills and develop the necessary ones in a correct manner.