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Best Truck Driver Apps for Easy Trucking

In this digital era, everything seems to be manageable with new mobile apps being invented almost every day! So, why should you, as a trucker, not take advantage of these remarkable inventions?

Apart from choosing the best driving school for truck driving lessons, it is also essential that you are aware of the best apps for truck drivers.

Every truck driver in his trucking years would have been annoyed with misleading trucker apps. It is a tedious process because you will know how good an app is only after downloading and using it. If you find it is not up to the mark, you have to remove it and search for an effective one all over again!

We have come up with the fifteen best apps for truck drivers to help you save time and tackle this problem.

So let’s get started!

1) For Navigation

Listed below are three of the best apps for truck drivers for easy navigation.

  • Trucker Tools
    It has various impressive features which will simplify your life while on road, driving a truck! It is the best GPS app for truckers which allows you to find the fastest route to your destination.
  • Waze GPS
    It is a community-based navigation app which allows you to join other drivers on the road who can give you real-time information on traffic and other details which you might require.
  • CoPilot Live Truck
    This app gives you reliable offline maps, making your trip safer and navigation easier. Its voice-guided navigation makes it user-friendly. You can also customize your routes according to your requirements.

2) For Gas Stops & Exits

If you are looking for information about gas stops and exits on interstates, following are a few must-have trucker apps:

  • Gas Buddy
    It is a good trucker fuel app. You can save on every gallon by utilizing this app! It provides gas prices by state, city or zip code. You can figure out where to buy the gas for your truck easily with this app. It allows you to find the perfect pit stops!
  • Fuelbook
    It is a powerful trucker tool for the truck drivers out there! It provides you with various piece of information like nationwide fuel prices, open parking, truck stop services, truck repair search, and so on.
  • iExit
    It is the best trucker app which informs you of the upcoming exits and what stops are available in the nearest ones in real-time when you are on the highway.

3) For Truck Weighing

You can have a hassle-free weighing experience with the apps listed underneath:

  • Weigh My Truck
    A highly recommended app for weighing your truck, it allows truck drivers to pay via many options like PayPal, EFS, or Credit Card. It saves you time and gives you the necessary information right on your smartphone! You can also email a copy and keep track of past transactions.
  • Trucker’s Slide Calculator
    It is designed to analyze and calculate axle weights by using computer algorithms.

4) For Logbook & Scanners

Following are the best apps for truckers for maintaining a proper logbook and scanning documents.

  • BigRoad
    It is the #1 app for electronic logging on your smartphone! It is an effortless way to keep track of your hours of service. The best part is you can manage it without any paperwork!
  • CamScanner
    With the help of this app, you can turn your smartphone into a scanner! It can scan documents like receipts, invoices, notes, etc., into PDF or JPEG format and share them easily. You can also edit them.
  • Driving Axel
    It is another great app which helps you scan documents using your mobile phone and produce high-quality images that can be shared easily.

5) For Stays

Allstay is the top trucker app for traveling on the road. It is recommended by many truck drivers. It allows you to book a room at the last minute!

6) For Weather

Every trucker needs to keep a continuous check on the weather conditions. Weather Channel is the app which every trucker must have to avoid being caught off guard by dangerous weather conditions like storms.

7) For Entertainment

Even the most experienced truckers will agree that you need some form of entertainment to keep you awake while on long road trips. Listed below are two of the highly recommended apps for this purpose.

  • Audiobooks From Audible,
    It has several audiobooks which you can listen to while driving your truck. It will help you keep your focus. You can also download them to listen while you are offline.
  • White Noise
    It is a free app which you can use while trucking. It features relaxing sounds which can help you de-stress and relax. It is particularly useful for sleeping peacefully because every truck driver is aware of getting enough sleep during long road trips.

We hope that you utilize the best trucker apps mentioned above advantageously to make your trucking easier and comfortable.

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