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May 25, 2017
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How Do I Know If My Driving Instructor is Good

In the modern day world, driving a vehicle has become an essential aspect of the life. Unlike the days a couple of decades ago where owning a vehicle and driving it was a luxury, now a days it has become more common to own more than one car per family. This emphasizes the fact that everyone in the family should learn how to drive a car.

Though the art of driving a vehicle is easy to learn, but it is very crucial to locate a perfect instructor to teach. There will be many aspects you should look for in your driving instructor in Toronto. If any of your family member or a friend has recently taken their driving lessons, it is obviously the best thing to take their suggestion on guidelines to find your driving instructor. Searching online also can help in finding a driving instructor in Toronto. Here you will have to go with the reviews given by other learners whom you do not know.

An incompletely trained driver can put the lives of pedestrians in jeopardy. This makes it very important to learn driving with a certain degree of seriousness. All these aspects route to having a good and efficient driving instructor for you. To guide you in appointing a driving instructor, here are some points that will help you assess him.

Driving Instructor’s License

It is essential that the driving instructor should hold a Driving instructor’s license issued in Ontario. The instructor license obtained from other province is not valid in Ontario.

Experience as an Instructor

You should check on how many people the instructor has trained in his tenure as a driving instructor in Toronto. This should include what levels of students he has trained like beginners or partially trained.

Driving School

You should check if your instructor has anytime worked with any driving school for training students. This will help you understand his training skills from the reputation of the driving school. If the instructor is an individual instructor, then taking feedback from his past students will be of some help.

Student Pass Rate

It is important to know his previous student’s pass rate. The more students passed under his training, the more suitable the instructor.

Detailed Explanation

Question yourself if your instructor is explaining all the traffic rules and laws. Every minute rule and law of traffic is crucial and you should know the rules to be a good driver. Do not get disappointed when your instructor repeatedly points out your mistakes. Your instructor is here to help you overcome those issues. Give ear to all instructions.


It may be a school or driving school, a teacher should be patient enough to answer all your questions and doubts. Shouting at student or arguing with them will shrink learner’s ability to learn. Any unfriendly behavior indicates that you should change your instructor immediately.


A good instructor is always punctual and never misses his/her session.

Every driving instructor has his own way of teaching and handling the students. The same instructor may take different approaches to train different students. It is completely dependent on the student’s ability to learn quickly. There might be differences when you compare your driving classes with the one of your family member’s or of your friend’s. The ultimate goal of a good driving instructor is to guide you learn smooth and safe driving.