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April 22, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Life As A Truck Driver

Truck drivers are one of the most important pieces in the machine that is our economy. Truck driving employs millions of individuals all over the country and helps keep the economy moving;  providing us with things and objects which we use daily and take for granted. Out of the 4 major modes of shipping: ships, air, railways and trucks, only trucks have the ability to reach far out places which don’t have any connectivity options except roads. As a result, trucks are one of the most important modes of shipping. Trucks routinely transport things which are essential to our modern lives and truck drivers play an important role in ensuring that our lives keep moving smoothly.

There are two main responsibilities of truck drivers in the transport chain: they will either be employed to deliver goods or to pick them up. The responsibility of truck drivers doesn’t end just here. They are also in some cases required to unload the freight at the destination from their trucks.

The job of a truck driver also entails some preparations before embarking on an assignment. Not all roads are suitable for trucks, so it is the responsibility of a truck driver to carefully assess the route and decide which roads will be the best to reach the destination. Although non-truck roads should be marked appropriately so that truckers don’t get confused, it might not be the case always and as a result, a truck driver should properly plan his journey beforehand.

Although, it might look like the job of a truck driver must be easy, it is not true. A truck driver often has to drive for long hours and his focus shouldn’t waver from driving. In addition to that, he has to deal with a lot of people including vendors, customers, other drivers, etc. on a daily basis and that can be tough. Not to mention that sitting constantly behind the wheel for long hours and driving in all kinds of weather can also take a toll on their health.

Truck drivers have to frequently go on long journeys and sometimes they might not get a chance to come home for quite some time due to continuous assignments, so a truck driver has to be prepared to deal with staying away from his family and friends for extended periods of time. They will also be required to work late nights, on weekends or on holidays sometimes, so a truck driver shouldn’t expect a normal life like other 9 to 5 jobs. As trucks occupy a major role in shipping, a large number of them are on the roads constantly and hence they are required to follow specific rules and regulations. One of the most important regulations among them is the possession of a valid commercial motor vehicle driving license.

But, the bright side for a career as a truck driver is that truck driving jobs are expected to rise steadily owing to higher demands and a shortage of truck drivers due to increasingly stringent commercial driving rules and regulations. Truck driving is a skilled job and one with high responsibilities due to the fact that careless driving of large vehicles like trucks can seriously endanger the lives of other people on the road. So, governments have introduced rigorous safety regulations to ensure that unskilled drivers don’t get on the road. All truck drivers are required to have a valid commercial driver’s license. So, it is necessary that a truck driver receives sufficient training which will enable him to obtain his license. Most individuals who are looking at a career as a truck driver need to have proper training. Individuals can get truck driving lessons at various places like truck driving schools, vocational schools or companies which provide on-the-job training. If you are looking for a good truck driving school near Toronto,  Sprint Driving school is the leading truck driving school in Toronto with qualified instructors and helpful staff who will identify each student’s specific requirements and provide training accordingly.

Salaries of truck drivers vary according to the location, employer and the kind of freight they will be transporting, but truck drivers mostly enjoy a rewarding career with good salaries. Some truck drivers might not be salaried but are instead paid according to the number of hours they log in or the number of miles traveled. Generally, truck drivers who are willing to work odd hours and times like overnight journeys or on weekends or holidays get paid more than other drivers.