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How to Handle Emergencies While Driving a Truck?

We understand that driving a truck is a difficult job which entails a great deal of attention, focus, and skills.

Many experienced truckers and driving instructors from the best driving schools in Toronto feel that regardless of being very careful on the road, you could face emergencies.

Instead of panicking, you should try and be prepared to face any situations. In other words, expect the unexpected!

So, let us acknowledge the following crucial question:

What are the Various Kinds of Emergencies that Might Occur While Driving a Truck and How can You Face Them?

1) The accidents which take you by surprise completely

There is a common belief that ‘the best way to avoid an accident is to not end up in one!’ Well, it is easier said than done because nobody leaves their home with such an intention.

However, you could start by accepting your responsibility when on the road and be extra-cautious. Further, develop the ability to spot problems before they become emergencies.

2) Small cars, bikes, and pedestrians which are harder to spot

When you drive a large vehicle such as a truck, it is trickier to spot smaller vehicles and pedestrians on the road. You will face this problem especially at the crossroads and when you have to turn your vehicle.

The best way to deal with it is to pay attention to the road and check the rear-view mirrors. Further, pause and look around before you take a turn.

3) Animals which may seem to appear out of nowhere

The common mistake which truck drivers make is applying a sudden brake and turning to avoid the creature, then releasing it immediately. It can cause an accident and severe injuries to you and the people around you.

This is the reason why you must center the wheel before releasing the brake pressure. Practicing it can help you tackle such situations.

4) Unexpected breakdowns

It can happen to even the most experienced truck drivers. Despite being very careful by following pre-trip inspection procedure, you might face a situation wherein your truck breaks down in the middle of your trip.

So, what do you do now?
Merely stick to the following:

  • Make sure that your vehicle is visible from a safe distance.
  • Keep the required truck-repairing equipment easily accessible.
  • Be sure that you know whatever you are doing.
  • Communicate accurately in case you need any help.

To sum it up, such situations demand a quick and definitive study plus analysis.

5) Sudden tire blowouts

High temperatures and overloading your truck is a sure combination to ask for tire blowouts. Underinflated tires and potholes on the road are other causes.

Remember not to slam the brake to stop your vehicle. Be calm and let your truck gradually slow down. Then pull to the side of the road where you will not cause a blockage and activate the emergency lights. Maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel throughout.

6) Front or rear tire slide

In case of a front tire slide, remove your foot from the accelerator, keep away from the brake, and wait for the return of traction. Just be calm.

In case of a rear tire slide, anticipation is the key. Then act accordingly using the presence of mind.

7) Sudden road blockages

The best way to reduce the damage in case you need to stop the truck due to a sudden road blockage or any other reason is to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles beside and in front of you.

This way you will have sufficient reaction time, and you can avoid colliding with other vehicles on the road.

8) Family emergencies

When you are on the road, you could face several family emergencies. In such circumstances, you must not panic and think sensibly. Ask yourself the following questions before taking any decision:

  • Do I need to buy a flight ticket, rent a vehicle or can I drive back home?
  • Do I have sufficient time and funds?
  • Do I need to ask for help?
  • Do I have the emotional stability?

Remember, safety always comes first. So, act accordingly.

We, at S&A Sprint Driving School Inc. in Toronto, teach our students the safe truck driving practices and make sure that they are capable of handling any emergency on the road.

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