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Driving a School Bus – 12 Things to Keep in Mind

School bus driving is a challenging job which is often under-appreciated. School bus drivers are required to drive with as many distractions in the bus as there are outside!

In fact, a school bus is designed keeping in mind the safety of the students. The size and layout of a bus have been decided as a precaution to reduce the damage in case of a mishap.

So, What Should You keep in Mind as a Bus Driver?

A school bus driver holds a very significant responsibility of transporting the kids to and from the school.

Here are Some of the Valuable School Bus Driving Tips and Tricks for You:

1) Time Schedule
As a school bus driver, you are required to follow a strict time schedule. But never sacrifice safety to adhere to it. Further, do not rush or be in a hurry.

2) Route Management
You should be aware of all the combinations of routes to reach your destination. It will also help in time management.
Draw up the precise route to be followed regularly. Also, have a backup route in case of any disruptions.

3) Personality & Behaviour
As a responsible person, you must always be clean and in good behavior. Remember, you also have the school’s reputation on your shoulders.

4) Maintain Discipline
It is essential that you establish a set of rules in the bus to be followed by the children. It will allow you to maintain a decorum inside the bus without which driving and paying attention to the road will become very difficult.

5) Focus & Concentration
Do not let your focus waver from the traffic on the road. Pay attention and concentrate on your driving.

6) Inspection
Before beginning your trip, check the tires, lights, breaks, and oil. Make sure that all the children are intact in their seats before driving. Also, check the seats and interiors after every drive.

7) Alertness
Always be alert. It will help you in case of any casualties. Keep emergency numbers with you.

8) Knowledge
You should be aware of the following:

  • Regulations regarding a school bus
  • Interacting with children with special needs
  • Record keeping
  • Equipment cleaning procedures and standards

9) Skills
You must possess the following abilities and skills:

  • Listening and verbal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Time and stress management
  • Potential to read and write

10) Qualities
Some of the desired characteristics of an ideal bus driver are:

  • Patience to handle kids
  • Respect and courtesy
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty
  • Flexibility and sound work ethics
  • Sensitivity and kindness
  • Positive attitude

11) Winter Driving
You need to keep the following in mind while driving a school bus in winters:

  • Drive slow. It is the most important rule for winter driving.
  • Watch out for icy and slippery road conditions.
  • Be aware of the temperature.
  • Be cautious of other vehicles and maintain a safe distance from them.

12) Some additional instructions for a bus driver are listed underneath:

  • Do not leave the bus on.
  • Do not fill the fuel tank when children are inside the bus.
  • Never let unauthorized people drive the bus.
  • Never consume alcohol before a trip.
  • Do not use abusive language.
  • Do not increase the speed while driving.
  • File all the required reports promptly.
  • Pay attention to alerts about poor weather conditions.

Now that you are aware of important tips and tricks while driving a school bus, you can be assured of the safety of the students in your bus.

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