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Common Forklift Driving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Forklift operators play a crucial role as they are responsible for moving heavy loads on a site. Even though, forklifts look like tiny trucks and operating them seems to a simple activity, this belief is far from the truth.

Forklift training can help you avoid these common mistakes and ensure that the workplace is safe for themselves and everyone.

Common Forklift Driving Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Mistakes That a Forklift Operator Should Avoid

  • Operating the Forklift Without Conducting a Pre-Shift Inspection

Usually, before a forklift operator gets behind the wheel, he should check all parts of the forklift to ensure that the forklift is suitable for operation. Undertaking a pre-shift inspection helps in identifying glitches and addresses them. However, if no such inspection is carried out, the operator is risking his safety and that of others. You can learn about forklift operations by enrolling for forklift training.

  • Not Communicate Effectively

Ensuring the right and timely communication is one of the biggest responsibilities that a forklift operator needs to shoulder. A forklift operator should always be alert on the job to ensure that pedestrians and workers are safe. The operator should also know how to use the forklift truck’s light and sound to alert passers-by, workers and pedestrians and avoid a collision. Hence, a formal forklift license is essential for all those who aspire to be an operator.

  • Overspeeding a Forklift

Forklifts are used to transport heavy loads. Overspeeding a forklift can result in accidents and collisions. If a forklift operator speeds his truck, he is also running the risk of crashing, colliding and dropping the load on his vehicle. By taking up a forklift license training, you can learn everything about these dos and don’t’s!

  • Not Loading Material Properly

A professional forklift operator will ensure that the load is placed properly. An operator who has received forklift training will understand the load centre distance and place the load in a manner that will prevent it from falling out or cause the forklift truck from tipping over.

  • Not Taking Into Account Capacity

Ignoring the vehicle’s capacity can be a deadly mistake. Usually, forklift operators refer to the data plate which displays information such as forklift load centre distance and the load capacity. At times, operators let go if the load is slightly above the capacity. However, this can be dangerous!

  • Not Asking for Help!

While operating the vehicle is the responsibility of the forklift operator, an experienced professional with forklift training will reach out to efficient resources to help him identify blind spots, the routes and the challenges he can expect. This helps the operator undertake his duties smoothly without causing damage to people and property.

  • Picking Out the Wrong Forklift

Forklifts are designed for specific activities. Hence, the right forklift must be chosen by the operator for each task. Forklift trucks come in different types – some can move through narrow aisles, a few can be used for jobs where the operator needs to reach a certain height and then others operate on specific terrains.

So if you aspire to be a forklift operator, these are mistakes that you must avoid. A formal forklift license training with leading driving schools such as Sprint Driving can help you learn about the responsibilities, dos and don’t’s and everything else that you need to become a good forklift operator.

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