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June 30, 2014
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July 16, 2014

Bus Driving School in North York

When looking for a bus driving school in North York, it’s critical to do the proper research, to make the necessary comparisons, and to eventually choose wisely.  It’s also a good idea to consider S&A Sprint Driving School as part of the selection process.  Our school offers professional bus driver training with the courses and curriculum that meet the skill level requirements of any of the transportation carriers.  Our bus driver-training program (that ultimately leads to the BZ license) allows you to drive any school purpose bus, as well as additional license classes (C, D, E, F, G). 

At S&A Sprint Driving School, our training sessions can be taken on a full time basis, and are approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act.  Our teachers are certified through the Ontario Safety League (the nation’s leading traffic safety organization) and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  This may well be the course for you, if you’re looking for a new career path, or looking to re-certify, or need to upgrade your skill set.  Either way, if you’re looking for a bus driving school in North York, S&A Sprint Driving School is well worth considering.

To suit your particular schedule, and depending on your needs, our non-vocational courses can start at any time and may even be completed on a part-time basis – it’s all up to you.  Our lessons are structured to be flexible, and our students enjoy one-on-one instruction, based on an individual’s unique and personal needs.  At the point where a student is ready to graduate, our people make every effort to assist with job searches, and wherever possible, with the job placement itself.

To enroll for the BZ license, you must have a valid class G driving license, and you must be 21 years of age or older.  We use a student-centered approach to training, and on successful completion of the program, a driver is permitted to drive any bus that seats 24 passengers or more.  Our BZ training program is designed for those who want to operate conventional buses, school buses, or ambulances.  Training is comprehensive, with a focus on laws that govern the operation of vehicles transporting passengers.

For the BZ license, students learn the specific skills and safety practices that are associated with operating a bus.  Beyond the training basics, we also teach strategies for defensive driving; proper operation of the front crossing arm; appropriate passenger management; and handling driver distractions.  In addition, we also cover practical aspects of bus operation, like loading and unloading of passengers, passenger management and discipline, and responsibility to report problems.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, our instructors have years of professional experience and expertise in teaching and training all kinds of students.  Depending on past experience driving a bus (if any) our instructors customize their teaching approach to best suit the student’s needs.  And with a combination of practical and theoretical instruction, each student emerges as a well-trained, well-rounded driver.  If you are currently looking for a bus driving school in North York, we welcome your questions, and look forward to being your eventual selection as a training facility.