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May 27, 2014
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July 2, 2014

AZ Driving School in Vaughan

If you’re shopping for an AZ Driving School in Vaughan, then S&A Sprint Driving School is a good place to start your research.  We’re an industry leader in teaching and training, and in providing students with the best lessons for the best results.  Students completing their AZ training are eligible to drive “any tractor-trailer or combination of motor vehicle and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles exceed a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms”.  We believe our instructors are the best in the business, with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.  And for the student, we’re even able to provide one-on-one tutoring, something that has become a vital part of our teaching approach.

S&A Sprint Driving School is registered as a Ontario Career College, and our instructors are certified through the Ontario Safety League (the nation’s leading traffic safety organization) and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  We also make certain that each instructor goes through an internal training component, which ensures that every one of our students is provided with the best possible training.  And our courses are always complete and comprehensive, assuring full compliance with the necessary pre-requisites for obtaining the AZ license.

Courses at S&A Sprint Driving School are practically tailor-made and often geared towards a student’s specific needs.  In fact, course completion means being exposed to vast amounts of information, the most modern driving techniques, and the most current road legislation. Students studying for their AZ license at our facility will learn not only the best driving techniques, but will be exposed to much more – some of it not provided by other driving schools. This may be just the course for you – you may be looking for a new career direction; or require re-certification for some reason; or need to upgrade your skills.  Whatever your particular need, if you’re looking for an AZ Driving School in Vaughan, S&A Sprint Driving School is worth your consideration.

Our training sessions can be undertaken on a full time basis, and can be completed on a part-time basis – it’s up to you, based on your particular schedule, and dependent on your personal needs.  All courses are approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, with lessons structured to be as flexible as possible.  Many of our students take part in one-on-one instruction, again, based on the individual’s personal learning needs.  And beyond the fundamental training and instruction, our people assist students with their job searches, and with the job placement, where this is possible.

To enroll for the AZ license, students must have a valid Ontario Class ‘G’ driver’s license and must be 18 years old.  We use a student-centered approach to training, and on successful completion of the program, drivers are permitted to operate “any tractor-trailer or combination of motor vehicle and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles exceed a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms”.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, our instructors and trainers have many years of experience teaching a wide variety of students using many techniques and methods.  And we go even further – we customize our teaching and training to suit a student’s needs, so that everyone develops into a well-trained and well-rounded driver.