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July 2, 2014
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Driving lessons in Toronto

Lots to consider when choosing the right driving school.

There’s nothing that can compare with formal, professional driver training, regardless of your age, and regardless of past driving experience. When it comes to successfully training a new driver, a family member or close friend is no match to a highly skilled instructor from a reputable driving school. And S&A Sprint Driving School is that kind of driving school – providing driving lessons in Toronto, for all age groups and all types of licenses. Our instructors have years of professional experience, having taught all kinds of students, and on a variety of different vehicles. They often customize their training to suit a student’s particular needs, and combine theoretical as well as hands-on instruction so that each student becomes a well-trained, well-rounded driver.

When its time to decide on driving lessons in Toronto, choosing the appropriate driving school is obviously the first step. It’s a good idea to follow a list of personal pre-requisites, and to engage in a methodical approach prior to deciding. When you do your homework, you are more informed, and more likely to make sensible decisions.

Consider the ratio of students and teachers.

Needless to say, a lower ratio between teacher and student ensures a better learning experience. With more focused attention from the instructor, a student will comprehend the course material much better, and will eventually become a safe, confident driver. Naturally, the same approach applies for in-car training – the more effective the instruction, the better trained the driver.

The importance of being behind the wheel.

Of course, it’s important to experience driving behind the wheel. More importantly, this should include a combination of daytime driving, nighttime driving and highway driving. And the more time spent, the better, especially under the supervision of a qualified instructor. It all contributes to learning the traffic laws, appreciating speed limits, and understanding the idea of safe driving.

Relevant and up-to-date teaching materials.

For driving lessons in Toronto, teaching materials should be in compliance with the standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Students (especially in their late teens) should be receiving the best training possible, with course material that is current and comprehensive, and with the assurance that all pre-requisites are complied with, depending on the license required.

The well-trained and well-rounded driver.

Certainly, a good driving school will train a driver for the ultimate objective – testing and licensing. At the same time, the idea is not to pass a driving test having only the basic skills and knowledge. The very best outcome is a driver who is well trained and well rounded, with the driving skills and expertise that will last a lifetime.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, training is approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, with all instructors certified by the Ontario Safety League. Our driving lessons in Toronto are geared towards new drivers, drivers who require re-certification, or those who just want to upgrade their skills. It’s a facility that combines skilled trainers with quality instruction, and produces drivers who are confident, aware, and ready to test.