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May 8, 2018
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12 Summer Truck Driving Tips You Should Know

If you are done with your DZ Truck Training and have obtained the license, you are at the right place now!

Most people talk about winter truck driving, how difficult it is to drive a truck in the freezing weather, tips for safe truck driving in winters, and so forth. What about driving the huge vehicle in the hot climate?

Driving a truck in the summers can be quite challenging too because it brings in as many difficulties as the cold season and can take a toll on you. So it is essential to keep your truck as well as yourself safe and healthy to tackle the heat.

What can you do to make your driving smooth and effortless during the summers?

Summer Truck Driving Tips

12 Summer Truck Driving Tips

Here are a few useful tips to make your summer truck driving easier.

Summer Trucking Pointer #1: Basic Maintenance of Air Conditioning or Cooling System

With the arrival of summer, the first thing every truck driver should do is to test the air conditioning system of the vehicle. Since you would not have used it for the past few months due to the cold weather, you must remember to examine it thoroughly and check if it is in a proper working condition.

Summer Trucking Pointer #2: Inspect the Tires

Heat makes rubber in the tires wear down faster. So always remember to do the following:

  • Check the tread depth of the tires during the summers.
  • Check if the tires are appropriately inflated to prevent blowout due to over inflation. In other words, monitor the tire pressure and make sure it is enough to handle the load.
  • Observe and treat any wear in the tires.
  • Inspect the wheels too.

Summer Trucking Pointer #3: Check the Brakes

Summer heat can impair the brakes of your vehicle. So it is of immense importance that you check the condition of the brakes before you begin your trip.

If you are on a long trip, you might need to check the brakes frequently whenever you take a pit stop.

Summer Trucking Pointer #4: Scrutinize the Engine Belts

Most truck drivers do not examine the engine belts and fail to realize that these can take a hit due to the hot temperature. Take a quick visual inspection to make sure they are not racked up or do not require replacement.

Summer Trucking Pointer #5: Check the Fluid Levels

Before you begin your trucking trip, do not forget to check the fluid levels in the vehicle. Start with oil level, then fuel level, and lastly windshield washer fluid level.

Summer Trucking Pointer #6: Be Cautious of Electrical Failure & Corrosion

You must take note of the following to prevent electrical failure and corrosion:

  • Check wiring for any wear.
  • Use battery cleaner and by using hydrometer test the batteries.
  • Inspect the cables.

Summer Trucking Pointer #7: Stay Hydrated

Dehydration causes exhaustion and sluggishness. So it is vital to keep yourself hydrated while on the road.

  • Keep water bottles with you. Stock up with them whenever you take a break.
  • Keep healthy snacks with you.
  • Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

You might want to take a look at our post “How to Maintain a Healthy Truck Driver Lifestyle?” to become a healthy truck driver.

Summer Trucking Pointer #8: Protect Yourself from the Heat

You would feel the effect of the sun when you are on the road. So you might be aware of ‘Truckers Arm’ which refers to the condition when one forearm is tanned more than the other.

The following three points are significant to protect yourself against the damages caused by the sun.

  • Make regular use of sunscreen.
  • Wear full sleeve shirts or t-shirts.
  • Wear sunglasses.

Summer Trucking Pointer #9: Watch Out for Summer Health Risks

Summer truck driving can cause several health risks. You could quickly become a victim of heat stress or heat stroke. Look out for the following symptoms and do not hesitate to seek help immediately:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Dry and hot skin
  • Severe headaches
  • Hallucination
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Nausea

Summer Trucking Pointer #10: Watch Out for Extreme Weather Conditions

Summer weather conditions are unpredictable in terms of heat waves and thunderstorms. Keep a check on the weather forecast. It will help you get prepared in case of any calamity.

Summer Trucking Pointer #11: Be Cautious Around Work Zones

Roadwork is usually done during the summers. So be careful while you are on the road and look out for “Work In Progress” or any similar signboards.

Summer Trucking Pointer #12: Watch Out for Extra Drivers

There are more people on the road during the summers. So you must be alert and keep your eyes on the road to be aware of what’s happening around you.

If you take note of these tips, truck driving in the summers can be effortless, and you can breeze through the hot weather without any mishaps.

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