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Top 5 Places to Go Boating in Ontario

The itch to travel and explore the waters does not let a boater sit still for very long! Especially in a place like Ontario, which is surrounded by more than 4,00,000 water bodies. The excitement of exploring new places in your very own boat is a thrill that appeals to those who have developed a taste for wandering with their yachts whenever they find time!

Here’s a compilation of the top five places to go boating in Ontario. And while you plan your trip, make sure you remember to carry your boating license with you!

Top 5 Places to Go Boating in Ontario

Top 5 Boating Destinations in Ontario

The Muskoka Lakes

If you have a couple of days free, the Muskoka Lakes is a destination that you would want to visit. Named as the number one place in the world to live during the summers by National Geographic, Muskoka Lakes is known for its granite lined waterways, starry residences of celebrities and millionaires and its signature resorts.

The 1,000 Islands – St Lawrence River

Although this area is called the 1,000 Islands, there are probably double the number of islands in the entire 80 km stretch. You can start your trip from Brockville, Kingston or Gananoque marinas or any other marinas on the north shore of St Lawrence River. Your route will be dotted with castles, hiking trails, speciality dining joints, museums and even a casino. Perfect for a weekend out cruising, this is for those who love to have fun boating.

The Trent Severn Waterway

The Trent Severn Waterway is an absolute favourite with boaters. This trip is ideal if you have at least a week in hand, if you want to experience the Trent Canal in entirety. Or maybe you can travel one portion at a time. There are several docking options available for small boaters and cruisers. This trip will expose you to world class nautical equipment and allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the many towns and communities that dot the shore of this waterway. For those looking to pull over and do some sightseeing, there are several museums, art galleries and historical sites.

The 30,000 Islands – Georgian Bay

The Georgian Bay is a treat to the eyes with its scenic beauty. Those who have explored the Georgian Bay will vouch for its attraction and natural beauty. You can launch your sail from any location and spend time in the beautiful Bay.

The Great Lakes

Undoubtedly, the number one destination for boating in Ontario! The Great Lakes are challenging and call for skill, experience for different types of boaters. Also, the scenic beauty and the multiple stops that are available make the Great Lakes a favourite among boaters in Ontario.

However, the one requirement that you must have to set sail, besides your yacht or boat, is a valid boat driving licence. If you are wondering how to get a boat license in Ontario, you can reach out to experts at Sprint Driving for advice and guidance.

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