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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Boater’s License

Boater’s License

It’s a well-known fact that cars are quintessential to our way of life. After all, we can’t go to many places without them because they can get us from one place to another. Naturally, a driver’s license must be obtained first before one can drive on the open road. However, cars aren’t the only vehicles we can use because there are other options, such as boats.

While not many people can get the opportunity to drive boats, a boat license can be acquired by anyone who wants to. Many people want to get a boat license because it can be used for recreational purposes, while others want to get one because it can be used to earn money. Regardless of the reason, having a boating license will allow a person to reap the following benefits:

#1 – Keeps Your Passengers Safe

This may be the most crucial benefit. After all, many people who acquire boating licenses do it because they want to protect their passengers. Boats don’t have seatbelts, and they can easily tip over. As a result, by having a boating license, a person can now protect their passengers by observing specific rules, such as wearing a life vest, not driving drunk and not taking out too many passengers.

#2 – Reduces the Risk of Personal Injury and Property Damage

Another benefit of having a boating license is that it can protect a person from personal injury. After all, boats are enormous vessels that can inflict severe damage. In such an event, a boating license will come in handy because a person can reduce the damage by following the proper rules. These include knowing how to navigate, stop a boat, and move it.

Conversely, a boating license can also prevent property damage. It may seem like a person can crash into another boat, but a boating license can let a person avoid that by knowing how to maneuver a boat properly.

#3 – Saves Insurance Costs

Another essential benefit of having a boating license is that it can save a person tons of money. After all, a license is required to drive a boat, which is also required by law.

Keep in mind, that if a person doesn’t have a boating license, then they can’t drive a boat, which means that they could be in a boat accident. If a person is going to be in a boating accident, they will have to pay for the damages. This can be expensive, so many people who drive boats purchase insurance to reduce costs.

#4 – Earn Additional Income

Being a boat driver is an excellent way to earn money, which is why many people acquire a boating license. For instance, someone could offer water taxi services, or they could make a living off of fishing. Also, if they have a larger boat, they can sell rides to other people if they have a larger boat.

If a person is in the boating business, they can earn money driving boats whenever they want. However, they can also make money by hiring someone else to do this for them.

#5 – Lets You Go On More Boating Trips

If a person has a boat, they can make the most out of it by taking it out whenever they want. A person can make many trips to the lake or go out on a boat ride without worrying about paying for gas or a boat slip.

Taking a boat out whenever you want can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable. If you have a boat and a driver’s license, it should probably be one of the first things you do.

#6 – Gives You Knowledge on Boating Expertise

Above all else, having a boating license can give a person a great sense of knowledge. After all, a person can learn about motorboat operation and boating safety. Not only that, but a person can also learn about navigation. Naturally, this knowledge can be advantageous to a person because it will let them know how to be an excellent boater.


A boating license can benefit anyone for the reasons mentioned above. However, you must also remember that driving a car isn’t the same. All that matters is taking an exam to ensure you’ll be equipped with the proper knowledge of operating a boat.

If you’re planning to get a boater’s license in Ontario, Sprint Driving School can help you! Our professional boating instructors will ensure that you’re equipped with the fundamental boating knowledge, all for an affordable price. Reach out today to learn more!