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Forklift Training in Canada and the Reasons to Undergo It

forklift training

Forklifts are a significant part of our workforce. Without it, many of our nation’s merchandise would not be carried nor transferred to their appropriate distribution points. That said, people who would like to get in on the action by being forklift drivers and operators have to undergo training to ensure that they will be able to handle it perfectly on a regular basis.

Below are just a few pointers regarding forklift training in Canada and the reasons to apply for one.

A Very Strict Standard

All employers in Canada know that their forklift operators need the proper training before they can operate one. The law says that these machines’ operators need to be certified by the provincial governments. For example, the province of Nova Scotia requires the operators to undergo training from a licensed provider and to be able to pass the required written test to have their certificate.

The Canadian Forklift Operator Certification Program (CFOCP)

In the last few years, the Canadian government has wanted to regulate the training standards in Canada. The certification is a key part of the standard and is important to ensure that forklift operators are proficient enough in using an automated carriage. This is the reason why the Canadian government has established the Canadian Forklift Operator Certification Program (CFOCP), which resulted in the standardization and regulation of forklift operators in Canada.

What Are the Advantages of Undergoing Forklift Training in Canada?

1. You Save Money

The number one reason why most forklift operators attend training is to save money. Forklift operators who are not certified are fined and placed behind bars for a certain number of days. In addition, they pay a hefty fine from the provincial government. On the other hand, forklift operators who undergo training can expect to save money by having insurance coverage for their employers. This insurance policy can protect them from paying heavy fines for accidents that are work-related.

2. You Get a Job Anytime Easily

If you have just undergone forklift training, you should be able to get a job easily. One of the best things about being certified is that employers will not hesitate to hire you. In particular, they are interested in hiring forklift operators who are certified and are not just those people who are looking for a job in forklift operating.

3. You Become a Beneficiary of the Experience Gain

Canada has a substantial number of forklift operators. This is the reason why there is a high demand for forklift operators who are already certified. In particular, the qualified forklift operators can get a higher pay rate. In addition, they are more organized and are more experienced in handling forklifts because they have learned how to do it during the course.

4. You Gain Image in the Industry

Currently, forklift operators are high in demand. If you have just undergone the training and have passed the exams, you might be in high demand in your region. In fact, you can expect a higher salary and better opportunities in the future.


We mentioned some of the reasons why you should consider getting certified as a forklift operator in Canada. This certification will play an integral part in improving the quality of your working life and in enhancing your chances of getting a good job. You should also know that getting certified is a requirement, and passing the exams is essential before you can get your operator’s license.

Take note of our pointers above and be an expert forklift driver in no time.

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