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November 20, 2018
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Preparing for Truck Driver Job Part 2: For Immigrants in Canada

Looking for a job that enables you to travel all over Canada along with a handsome salary? Try Truck Driving in Canada. The Canadian Trucking industry is facing a scarcity of workforce to maintain the supply chain within the country. This scarcity has induced new job opportunities for many immigrants.

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We have mentioned the mandatory visa requirements for immigrants in search of a steady career in truck driving.

Truck Driving

What are the Visa Requirements For Getting A Truck Driving Job?

Due to the scarcity, the companies find it difficult to source truck drivers, locally, within the boundaries of Canada and thus try to find skilled workforce from foreign countries. To understand the complete immigration, we have mentioned the process of Canada Immigration.

Process Of Canada Immigration For Truck Drivers

  1. Filling for LIMA By Employer: The employer needs to file for Labour Market Impact Assessment in order to raise the request of a shortage of a particularly skilled workforce in Canada.
  2. Temporary Job Offer: The employer needs to extend a temporary job offer for foreign truck drivers.
  3. Applying For Work Permits: The immigrating truck drivers can then apply for their work permits
  4. A permit is issued: The Canadian Immigration Officials look into the background of these immigrating workforce and issue work permits.

What Does The Trucking Company Have To Do In The Process?

Before hiring the foreign workers, there are a few immigration requirements that the company has to adhere to. In this requirement, the company has to acquire a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before the skilled workers from other countries can apply. The LMIA document gives a green light to fetch more workforce from foreign countries.

What Should Immigrants Pay Close Attention To?

There is no specific visa for truck drivers, but if you are interested then you will have to apply through a Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

What are the Eligibility Criteria For Truck Driving Immigrants?

We have mentioned the pre-requisites that a person has to meet in order to apply for Canada immigration.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Age limit: The applicant’s age should fall between 25 to 55 years.
  2. Police Records: There should be no police records under your name in the last 5 years.
  3. Valid Driver’s License: The applicant should have a valid Class 1A driver’s license.
  4. Accident Records: Applicant’s driver’s license should not have a single accident record.
  5. Employment Offer: The applicant must have a valid employment offer from a Canadian employer.
  6. TFWP: The applicant must have a Temporary Foreign Work Permit from the Human Resources and Skill Development of Canada.

The Importance of TFWP

For immigrants, this is the most crucial document as this allows them to stay in Canada on a temporary basis. This document also allows the immigrants or applicants to prove their intentions through showing willingness and preparedness towards leaving Canada on the completion of the applicant’s work tenure. This will develop good faith among the immigration officers and prove that you are well-capable to live in your own country and Canada is not your exit plan.

TFWP also stands as an eligibility document of support. It implies that you can either support your own stay or have someone to support your stay, while you are working in Canada. If there are no means to support your stay, the immigration officials will believe that you are more likely to fall for social assistance, denying your application towards TFWP.

Note: If you have ever been denied an entry into Canada or have been removed from any foreign country (including Canada), it can bar you from getting hired under the TFWP.

Exceptions To LMIA

In the following cases, a LMIA is not necessary while working as a Truck Driver in Canada:

  • Post Graduates who hold a temporary work permit in Canada
  • Workers who fall under the NAFTA agreement
  • Intra Company assignees
  • In place of a Working Holiday permit

Extending Your Work Permit Towards Truck Driving In Canada

In order to extend the employees work permit, the employer has to send in their copy of LMIA and job offer letter, stating the salary, designation and other additional details of the temporary position. The Canadian Immigration Department will then look into it.

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