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Emergency School Bus Handling Tips for Bus Drivers

School buses are responsible to make the students reach on time to school while being safe. The driver and the bus, both, fall under the control of the school. Thus, the driver, as well as the school, is responsible for any mishaps or accidents on the way. These accidents can make the drivers lose their job if they do not follow certain emergency procedures or tips, required to keep the students safe.

No matter which vehicle it is, the safety of the passengers come first than of the driver itself. Being the best Toronto driving school, we can help the drivers know about all the emergency school bus handling procedures which are mandatory for them.

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1. First aid and CPR training

Relevant awareness and training are needed to use first aid. It comes handy in case of any emergencies during the bus ride. With proper training, a driver will be able to handle trauma and medical emergencies that include bleeding, seizure, shock and cardiac arrest.

2. Roadway positioning

There are many road accidents that occur due to sharp turns and dangerous curves. In such a situation, drivers should think quick in taking an initiative to evacuate all the students out from the bus, without causing any commotion as the commotion can result in further problems. But the driver cannot just evacuate at any location. He or she needs to learn of all the places, on the route, that can be a safe spot for students until they receive any external help.

3. Evacuate a school bus

There will be an evacuation needed in cases of:

  • Fire: Fire can release some hazardous gasses and smoke, and it can also burn someone. When you witness this, evacuate the bus immediately as the fire can spread in just 2 minutes. For this, your decision should be quick.
  • Spillage of fuel: Spillage can be from the bus or a crashed vehicle nearby. This spillage can easily spark a fire. Evacuate the bus immediately when you spot the spill.
  • Power lines getting curled: Power lines can get curled up over the bus. In such a situation, it is advisable to stay inside the bus until the emergency help reaches you.

4. Passenger injury

You should not evacuate the injured students if they are not at the risk of losing their lives. In case of any sort of injury, it will be a wise decision to keep the injured inside the bus while giving them mandatory medical attention with a first aid box, till the emergency help reaches you. Evacuating the injured ones can cause some more problems. Let the medical help carry that procedure, they are well-trained for it.

5. Passenger accounting

There are many things a bus driver needs to keep in mind while accounting for passengers like:

  • The total capacity of the bus
  • The number of students on board, who were travelling on that particular day. It would be better if the driver can identify students with their name.
  • If a passenger is in the worst case, the driver needs to go through the bag of the suffering student and check for any IDs that can help them identify them.
  • Try to get the emergency contact numbers of every student that travels with you regularly. This will enable you to notify for their guardians easily. It can also help others, in case even the driver is unconscious.

6. Know the route

If you are driving to and fro, you will be well-versed with the usual routes and even the ones you take, due to any problem on the usual one. Keep the authorities informed about your way. This will decrease the response time for the officials and make them able to reach you faster.

7. Signalling students

You need to signal the students when the bus will start moving or when it halts. Signals should also be given while opening and closing the door. There are many accidents that happen when you are careless with signalling. Avoid these mishaps!

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