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July 16, 2014
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August 21, 2014

AZ Driving School in Mississauga

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, there is a looming shortage of truck drivers right across Canada, and especially throughout Ontario.  With a growing shortage of drivers, demand has grown dramatically, and many corporations are being pressed to pay more to move their goods.  It promises for a positive outlook for new truck drivers considering entry into the market.  The trucking industry needs new drivers, and especially young drivers, because many older drivers are retiring, and doing so quickly.  Interestingly, there is also a need for “quality” drivers – those truckers who possess above-average qualifications and who can satisfy the increasingly high demands of today’s employers.

S&A Sprint Driving School is a recognized AZ driving school in Mississauga.  Successful completion of our AZ course allows for licensing on any tractor-trailer, or on a combination of motor vehicle and towed vehicle (where a towed vehicle exceeds a total weight of 4,600 kg.).  The Z component of the license recognizes a driver’s skill and knowledge with regard to air brake systems.  Today, driving tractor-trailers is an appealing option for those interested in long runs that involve over-night trips, or even trips that involve several weeks.  There are also a good many job opportunities for those who are interested in day-to-day work, and with the flexibility of being closer to home.  The AZ license actually gives a driver a lot of control over job prospects and career scenarios.  In fact, with the AZ license, a driver is qualified to operate a conventional truck, a dump truck, and a garbage truck.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, our AZ driving school in Mississauga provides training courses that are virtually tailor-made for each student driver, and based on their particular needs and career aspirations.  Courses are comprehensive in content, employing the latest in driving techniques, and focusing on the most recent road and highway legislation.  Our students represent a wide range of candidates:  some looking for a new career direction; some who require re-certification of their license; and others who just require skills upgrading.  Whatever the case, our students are prepped and ready to acquire their license. 

S&A Sprint Driving School is approved under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, and can therefore ensure the highest standards of instruction to enrolled students.  Our instructors are certified by the Ontario Safety League, which is regarded as the nation’s leading traffic safety organization.  As well, classroom courses and behind-the-wheel training comply with the precise guidelines and pre-requisites of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.  When training is complete, and a license is attained, the  new AZ driver meets the requirements of any of the industry carriers.

With a comprehensive approach to training (in-class and on-road), the instructors at S&A Sprint Driving School cover the full range of skills development. This includes pre-trip inspection; coupling and uncoupling; air-brake systems; progressive shifting; and transmission and steering.  We also focus on additional aspects of driver training, including defensive driving techniques; the handling of hazardous materials; and the study of road safety regulations.

If you’re currently looking for an AZ driving school in Mississauga, look no further than S&A Sprint Driving School – it’s established, accredited and reputable.