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May 25, 2015
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August 12, 2015

Driving lessons in Scarborough

There is a lot to consider when selecting a good driving school, and driving lessons in Scarborough is no exception. The truth is, nothing compares with formal training provided by the professionals. Regardless of age and regardless of previous driving experience, the best approach to success in driver training is a professional approach. There are other options, but none can provide the same quality of instruction as a highly skilled instructor – and that comes from a reputable school.

For driving lessons in Scarborough, the S&A Sprint Driving School provides instruction for all ages and for all commercial driving licenses. Instructors have many years of hands-on experience, and have taught students on a wide variety of commercial vehicles. Quite often, training is customized to match a student’s unique driving needs. Out training regimen makes sure to combine theory and on-road instruction so that student drivers become well trained and well rounded.

For those considering commercial driving lessons in Scarborough, choosing the right school is key. And it’s important to do homework before choosing – better-informed means better decisions.

The ratio between students and teachers is important.

The lower the ratio, the better the learning experience. It means that students get more attention from the teacher and students will understand the material better. The same fundamental applies to in-vehicle driver training – the more focused the instruction, the more it impacts the driver.

Being behind the wheel, and in-car driver instruction.

The most important aspect of learning to drive is being behind the wheel. This should include driving during the day, at night, and on the highway. The more time spent behind the wheel and driving, the better – and it’s especially true with the supervision of a trained, qualified instructor.

Teaching materials that are relevant and up-to-date.

Good teaching means having up-to-date teaching materials. These should comply with standards that are set by the Ministry of Transportation. For the newer driver, it’s quite important to teach from relevant course materials, with the assurance that all compliances are met for licensing.

The best driver is well trained and well rounded.

Good driver training will definitely prepare a student driver for the driver test and for licensing. But the idea is not just to pass the driving test and be done. The idea is to produce a well-trained, well-rounded driver – a driver with skills, expertise, and an attitude to last a lifetime.

S&A Sprint Driving School is a professional driver training facility, specializing in commercial licenses. We are accredited through the Ontario Career Colleges Act, and all of our instructors are certified through the Ontario Safety League. Driving lessons are provided for brand new drivers, and for those who require re-certification for a specific reason. Our teaching facility has a very focused approach to commercial driver training: we combine skilled instructors with high quality education with the aim of producing drivers who operate with confidence, awareness, and safety. For those looking for commercial driving lessons in Scarborough, the team at S&A Sprint Driving School is ready to serve.