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July 23, 2015
How to Become a Truck Driver in Ontario
September 18, 2015

How to Become a Truck Driver in Toronto

With all the recent news about the economy and job creation, it seems that trucking is one of those job sectors that isn’t suffering like the rest. In fact, the Canadian Trucking Alliance suggests that there’s a lack of truck drivers in Canada, and more specifically in Ontario. It’s all good news for someone who wants to become a truck driver in Toronto. And that applies to novice drivers as well as previous drivers alike – it’s a good time to be a truck driver.

In general, the trucking and transportation industry is in need of drivers, and because of the demographics, younger drivers are needed, as the old drivers are retiring. More importantly, today’s drivers need to be properly trained and highly qualified, and being a truck driver in Toronto is no exception. Quality training and the right qualifications are the credentials that most employers are searching for. This is key for someone to be a truck driver in Toronto.

At the S&A Sprint Driving School, truck driving is part of our training and instruction program. For example, the AZ course may be an ideal option for someone seeking to be a truck driver in Toronto. The AZ course trains a driver to drive a tractor-trailer (or it could be a vehicle and towed vehicle). In either case, this is a license that would typically suit a driver who is looking for long runs (includes over-night) or runs that may be several weeks in duration.

For a truck driver in Toronto, the AZ license is a good choice when looking for a daily trucking job. Here, there are many possibilities, and with an AZ license, a truck driver in Toronto is well qualified to be driving a tractor-trailer, a standard dump truck, or perhaps a garbage truck. At the S&A Sprint Driving School, the training is comprehensive, the driver is ready for licensing, and the practiced driver is ready to meet the pre-requisites of any of the industry carriers.

For any prospective truck driver in Toronto, it’s key to have professional instruction, and at the S&A Sprint Driving School, a professional approach is fundamental. We operate under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, and provide driver training of the highest caliber. Additionally, our instructors are certified through the Ontario Safety League, a well-respected traffic safety association. In short, we want to teach prospective truck drivers to be the best they can be.

At the S&A Sprint Driving School, in-class training and on-road instruction comply with the pre-requisites of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. And for someone who wants to be a truck driver in Toronto, courses are practically tailor-made. Our staff makes every effort to accommodate particular needs, and to cover every possible aspect of truck driver training. We even cover areas such as defensive driving and hazardous materials management.

To be a truck driver in Toronto could depend on various factors. For some, it may be the start of a new career direction; for others, there may be a need for re-certification or re-licensing; and for others it may be a need to upgrade qualifications. Whatever the case, the S&A Sprint Driving School will prepare a driver to be skilled and proficient, and to eventually acquire the license of choice.