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Driving Lessons and Tips for Driving in Toronto Suburbs

Drivers from Toronto frequently face difficult driving situations while driving in suburbs. Though the driving rules for the city and the suburbs are the same, being the most preferred school for providing driving lessons in Toronto, we can tell the difference. We educate our students to drive better in all situations and cities, other than Toronto.

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Tips You Should Follow While Driving in Suburbs

Our professional driving instructors have meticulously prepared a few tips that can help you drive through the suburbs, swiftly.

  • Follow the Parking Signs

Suburbs have strict parking laws. Parking is not allowed on all the roads in the suburbs. It is safe to say that you can park your vehicle on the driveway, but still look out for parking signs and pay close attention to them.

  • Be Careful Around the School Zones

Suburbs have school zones for primary and elementary school, to protect the young kids going to school. In these zones, the speed limit is lowered down, at certain hours of the day, mostly around school timings. If you do not follow these speed limits in the school zones, you might be faced with huge penalties and fines.

  • Do Not Drive Above the Speed Limits

Just like around school, speed limits are assigned around residential areas or suburbs. The best thing to do is to look out for these limits and obey them. The driver is expected to be vigilant and be in full control of his vehicle while maintaining the speed limit.

  • Follow Rules at Crosswalks

Pedestrians have the right to walk at the crossway. Remember this and stick to it while driving in the suburbs. To let the pedestrians cross first, slow down your vehicle near crosswalks and let them finish crossing before you put your leg on the accelerator.

  • Watch Out for School Buses

While driving in suburbs, you might have fellow vehicles such as buses going the distance along with you. To make your drive safe, you need to remember the following, while driving along the school buses in the suburbs.

  • Keep some distance from the school buses while driving
  • Pass the buses only on a road that has a passing zone
  • When the school bus is flashing a yellow light, the vehicle behind the bus need to slow down, as the yellow light serves as a caution that the bus is about to stop
  • Red lights indicate that the bus in on a quick halt for the kids to get in, get off or an emergency. Try not to overtake the bus in this situation.
  • Be Careful of Children Playing on the Roads

Suburbs are where children can play around the roads as it is a residential area. Thus, when driving in suburbs, watch out for the kids playing alongside or on the road. If you encounter kids playing around, use your vehicle’s horn to make them notice your vehicle to avoid mishaps. Always remember, the value of a human life is the greatest in this world. Drive cautiously around people and make the roads safer for you and the people around you.

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