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June 20, 2016
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Driving Instructor Diaries: It`s Always About the Survival of the Fittest!

Today from an 18-year-old teen to 70-year-old grandpa, anyone can opt for license training at any point in time. Well, you will find schools like us, who provide not only the best training but one of the top -notch driving instructor in Toronto. And I must say that I am quite privileged of being one of those. I have been working with this firm since ages offering the proper guidance to excel in becoming awesome drivers.

Why a driving instructor in Toronto, you may ask? Well, teaching is such a noble profession and making my student`s road ready is something that makes my life more meaningful and joyful! Just as being a parent you cherish those “Firsts” with your kid, I get to cherish a few “Firsts” too such as:-

  • The First time when you exit a parking lot on a real street
  • The first time when you are allowed to drive on a freeway, and all I get to capture your expression.
  • Feel free to get in touch and I am sure, nothing will stop you from enjoying these driving lessons.

“The journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.” You can never learn anything and everything on the very first day. In fact, for me, one of the scariest moment was that being a driving instructor in Toronto, my student pulled up from a side street to the busy roads. Due to over excitement, she soon lost her concentration and we were just above to get hit if I did not slam on my brake. We were lucky! On that day, I simply learned no matter whether you are a young learner or an elder one, you need to stay focused. Over excitement or nervousness often leads to sleepless nights, which is not good  for learning. Therefore, here at Sprint Driving, not only me but several driving instructors in Toronto, warn their students to be well-rested before your lesson. As initially you will need to consciously remember things like blind spots, crosswalks, intersections and so on.

I often get asked whether I had any accidents? Of course, I did! And being a driving instructor in Toronto, I firmly believe in this saying that “ Failure is the only opportunity to begin again, but this time more wisely.”

So on and all, learning to drive is an amazing thing to do. For more information and updates, kindly get in touch with our professionals today!