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AZ Driving School’s Advice: 7 Things Truck Drivers Should Avoid

We understand that the journey to becoming a successful truck driver is full of obstacles and hardships. After going through the lessons at AZ driving school, studying very hard, and clearing the tests, it is only sensible that you not make grave mistakes that can jeopardize your career. To make things easier for you, here are a few instructions from the best AZ Driving School in Toronto about things a truck driver should never do.

Professional Truck Driver

7 Things a Professional Truck Driver Should Avoid At Any Cost

1.  Driving Your Truck Too Fast

It is not wise to speed off, especially when you are driving a large vehicle like a truck. By driving in a rush, besides risking your life, you will place other’s lives in danger too. Particularly, if you are descending a steep hill, driving on rocky, uneven terrains, or are on the road during the cold winters, you must heed caution, never use accelerator carelessly, and choose a low gear when driving down a steep grade. Plan your schedule in a way that you may not have to resort to speeding on the road.

Remember, safety is your top priority, and nothing is worth risking lives.

2. Changing Lanes Frequently

Make use of the lessons you learned while attending your AZ driving school and do not change the lanes frequently because it increases the chances of accidents. No matter what the other drivers on the road do, you must stick to your driving lane. If you find it necessary to switch lanes, be extremely careful. Additionally, be alert at sharp turns and corners.

3. Not Inspecting the Truck Before a Trip

You must have an inspection routine comprising of checking various parts of your truck before you get started with your journey. It will help you identify if anything is wrong with your vehicle and take any corrective actions to rectify it.

4. Texting & Driving

It may seem quite obvious, but not everyone takes it seriously. Texting and driving is an absolute no-no and is considered as a blatant disregard for the safety of everyone on the road. No matter what the issue is, you must never text and drive at the same time.

5. Not Checking Fuel Level

Before beginning your trip, as a responsible truck driver, you must check the fuel levels of your truck. It should form a vital part of your inspection routine. Additionally, if your have reefer attached, do not forget to check its fuel levels and temperature.

6. Driving When You Are Tired

Trucking is not a typical 9-5 job. The hours vary extensively, which may often leave you tired and sleepy. Make sure that you are not behind the wheels while feeling drowsy and ensure that you’ve had enough sleep to remain alert during the trip.

7. Hogging the Road While Driving

As a professional truck driver, you must never hog the road and be sure to leave ample space between your truck and other vehicles. It will prevent any kind of mishaps and increase the reaction time in case of an accident.

As a professional truck driver, it is your responsibility to be very careful and alert on the road, and be aware of the never-ever do’s mentioned here.

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