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April 23, 2013
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May 27, 2014

Truck Driving School in Vaughan

There are many different reasons to be looking for a truck driving school. You might be looking for a new career path. You may be from another province, or even another country. You may need to be re-certified after an interval. Or you may just be looking to upgrade or expand your skills. Whatever your particular reason, if you’re looking for a truck driving school in Vaughan, then Sprint Driving School might be the one for you.

At Sprint Driving School, we are positioned to provide students with training and skills development, as well as confidence building measures that round out a good driver. We do it using a methodical, step-by-step instruction process, and an equally methodical on-the-road experience that compliments the overall training. Beyond being highly qualified, our instructors are also trained to identify each student’s unique strengths and weaknesses – it allows for a very specific, personalized instruction process that is based solely on the student’s individual needs.

The learning process at Sprint Driving School is comprehensive. Depending on the specific training required, and the vehicle involved, a combination of in-class instruction and hands-on training is our formula for success. We emphasize defensive driving techniques; we teach our students how to handle emergency situations; and we instruct in safe driving procedures under any and all weather conditions.

The instructors at Sprint Driving School, beyond being experienced, take great pride in the work they do and in the guidance they provide for their students. Course instruction is generally in English, but we do provide instruction in other languages. Both the Ontario Safety League and the Ministry of Transportation provide formal certification for our teachers, a very important feature of our program. Non-vocational training courses can begin at anytime and can even be undertaken on a part-time basis to suit individual needs and time constraints. In addition, our practical lessons are flexible, and many students enjoy the one-on-one approach to instruction, again, based on a student’s singular needs.

Training programs at Sprint Driving School are as comprehensive as it gets, with programs that are certified and with packages ranging from 5 to 10 weeks in duration. Professional truck driver and bus driver courses are specially designed to meet the skill level requirements of any of the industry carriers. We encompass practically every aspect of driver training: coupling and uncoupling procedures; pre-trip inspections; air brake system management; steering components; and progressive shifting. We also cover additional subjects and topics, including logbook compliance; trip preparation/planning; hazardous materials handling; and motor carrier safety regulations.

At Sprint Driving School, course work and practical training always allows students the extra time, where required, for additional review and extra help. And upon graduation, our school will assist students with the process of job searching and, where possible, job placement. Whatever the need, whether its a forklift certificate, bus driver improvement or upgrade, even the transportation of dangerous goods – we are the facility of choice. So if you’re seriously looking for a truck driving school in Vaughan (or north of the GTA), Sprint Driving School may be the one for you.