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February 23, 2015
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April 12, 2015

Truck Driving as a Valued Profession

When shoppers are out in the retail stores, it’s doubtful that they wonder how all of the products that they see got there. Being in the transportation industry, we know that all of those goods were transported there from factories and warehouses, and trucks continue to be the most widely used form of delivery to transport those products.

Never mind just the products that are seen in stores, but look at all of the materials used to build the store itself, or the mall that the store is located in, and even the home you live in or the building that you work in…. none of that would be there if not for the trucks that were instrumental in delivering all of the required building materials during the construction of those properties.

Without the existence of the truck driving industry to deliver an immeasurable range of goods and materials, modern development would not be where it is today.

Truck driving has been established as a valued and integral part in the advancement of modern industry, which naturally creates a steady demand for truck drivers. S&A Sprint Driving inc. recognize the ongoing need for professional truck drivers, which is why we offer dedicated courses designed to train our students to become the top candidates for any truck driving career.

A Promising, Long Term Truck Driving Career

Skilled truck drivers and delivery drivers are always in demand, and reliable drivers are a valuable resource to any transport or delivery company. The programs and courses at S&A Sprint Driving School cover the entire range of truck driving skills and knowledge needed to establish our graduates as prime candidates for a long term career in the transportation industry. Our courses produce truck driving graduates ready to drive straight transport trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, garbage trucks, and fire trucks with air brakes.

S&A’s one-on-one lessons give our truck driving students hands on training in the same environments they will be operating in on a regular basis. The curriculum will introduce them to real world application of the driving skills required for the safe operation of large commercial vehicles, such as backing techniques, coupling and uncoupling procedures, progressive shifting, and defensive driving strategies. Additional training covers other areas that all truck driver’s need to be knowledgeable about which include; pre-trip inspection, air brake systems, and transmission and steering components. Another aspect of a professional truck drivers responsibilities that we teach include routine safety inspections, trip planning, and logbook compliance.

Specialized Truck Driving Training

Some jobs in the truck driving industry involve the transporting of hazardous materials, and specific motor carrier safety regulations need to be followed.

Our ‘Transportation of Dangerous Goods’ Certificate course teaches the laws and regulations related to the transport of dangerous goods. In this course the truck driving student will learn about the different categories of dangerous goods and the special attention and safety measures that must be enforced when carrying dangerous goods.

S&A Sprint Truck Driving School

S&A Sprint Driving School Inc. is recognized as a registered Ontario Career College, which provides professional truck driving training courses. Our highly qualified instructors teach the necessary skills to get our students ready for a successful career in the road transportation industry. Our teaching staff understand the importance of preparing our truck driving students for the challenges of today’s busy roads and highways.