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September 18, 2015
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April 27, 2016

Tips for Females Looking To Become Truck Drivers

Trucking is an integral component of Canada’s shipping industry, with almost all of our goods being delivered at some stage by a transport truck. The transportation industry as a whole accounts for 4.2% of Canada’s GDP, or around $53 billion. The trucking industry has almost a third of the total market share in the transportation industry, with around 31% of the sector’s share of the GDP. The industry has been growing steadily since the 2008 recession, and the current job market in the trucking sector is looking quite positive.

As a female looking to get into the trucking industry, things can seem a little daunting in a career path that has traditionally been very male-centric; however, with the great strides made in terms of female employment in many other industries that were traditionally male-centric like engineering or information technology, the trucking sector should never be written off as a career path that’s only for guys. In recent years, the trucking industry and Canadian government have taken key steps to get more women involved. With that knowledge, here are a few tips to help guide any females looking to get into the trucking industry.

First and foremost, get training from an accredited truck driver training school before you take your AZ license test. A proper truck driving school will make sure to teach you a style of driving that focuses on safe driving techniques. Driving a transport truck means that you’re behind the wheel of one of the largest vehicles on the road. Truck drivers who are operating their rigs in an unsafe manner can cause accidents, and it can be disastrous if a transport truck is involved in a collision. Safe driving training helps keep you and everyone around you safe. Choose a school like Sprint Driving School to ensure you get a comprehensive instruction program that focuses on safety.

Next, you will need to have confidence in yourself! The Canadian government committed over $400,000 in May 2015 to boost mentorship programs and hiring/retention programs for females in the trucking industry. Look up mentorship programs and speak to advisors that have great insights on navigating the trucking industry as a woman, and can offer support for various types of situations. Know that your work is wanted and appreciated, and walk into your interviews knowing that there is nothing that should hold you back from getting the job.

Finally, choose a school that will assist you in your job search. It can be tough breaking into the trucking industry if you don’t have any prior contacts, so choosing a school like Sprint that helps their graduates in their job searches will be a must-have as you begin your career.

Trucking is a career that offers competitive pay and plenty of opportunity for travel. As a female looking to break into trucking, the best first step you can make is attending a quality driving school for training and assistance with the job hunt. Contact Sprint Driving School today to enroll in their AZ program and get ready to start your new career in trucking.