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April 27, 2016
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I am a Woman and I Lead My Life as a Successful Truck Driver!

“Women are the real architects of the society.” Take any profession into account, Whether it`s a doctor or an engineer to business sectors or even a truck drivers, today woman has set their benchmark throughout the world.  And here I would like to dedicate this post thoroughly to all those women who aim to enter the man`s world with dignity.

Traditionally jobs like construction works, truck driving were filled by men as the model used to be heavy and pretty tough. But all thanks to the modern technology and innovations such as a power steering, temperature control, truck driving has become easier and faster. In fact, you will find this interesting to know that several trucking companies have started recruiting women as they drive less aggressively and more cautiously.

Well before you aim to put your hands on the steering wheel, make sure you get in touch with our professionals as we offer the best DZ License Training in Ontario. Now coming back to women as a truck driver, women in the field of trucking has Pros and Cons of its own. In a past few weeks, I interviewed several women who are working as a successful truck driver, keep reading further about their experiences.


A few years back Can opted for a DZ drivers license from a leading truck driving school and is pursuing her career as a truck driver since then. She says- “ I have always been a woman who aims to contribute well in making the world a better place. I work across numerous state and simply love my job.


Being raised by a trucking family, I always desired to be a successful female truck driver in Canada. Honestly speaking, I was never the one who could just sit and drive and that`s the reason why I opted for the best DZ training in town. I am 35 now and even today I have to work outside in the extreme cold weather for long hours. But this is my job and I simply enjoy it!


As soon as I completed 18, I opted for DZ License and started trucking. When I grew 21 I started crossing the border and if you ask me what I do now? Currently, I run dry vans, Volvo with lot`s of room inside.

In a Nutshell

Today the truck driving industry possesses lots and lots of opportunity for women. So if you have the passion to succeed, just give it a try!