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June 13, 2016
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June 20, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Truck Driving Lessons

In Ontario, there is province-wide consensus that truck-driver training needs some serious improvement. There has been much talk about having “experienced hands at the wheel” and additional focus on the number of truck driving schools that are unregulated. The fact is, the only way to learn properly and to get training that is accredited is through a good school, with good instructors, and a good teaching program.

Being a good truck driver is about good training – and good training translates into a better job, with a reputable employer, and a better paycheck. By getting trained through an established truck driving school, students receive valuable classroom training, as well as practical behind-the-wheel training. And with a team of highly trained instructors, the result is a well-rounded truck driver, who is appropriately trained.

Nothing quite compares with formal driver training. And at S&A Sprint Driving School, truck-driving lessons are the primary focus – with professional instructors who have years of experience and expertise. We incorporate in-depth classroom instruction with on-the-road training, and can also customize driver training to suit particular needs. We also have a reasonable teacher/student ratio that makes for better learning.

The objective at S&A Sprint Driving School is to train safe, aware, confident drivers. This is achieved through comprehensive lessons behind the wheel. We combine daytime driving, nighttime driving, and highway driving, always with the supervision of an expert, qualified instructor. Most importantly, we teach students about traffic laws and established speed limits, while always emphasizing a philosophy of safe driving.

Our instruction materials comply with Ontario Ministry of Transportation standards, and our course materials are current and specific. We make sure that all requisites are fulfilled and all testing requirements are covered. In the end, we want to ensure that students don’t just “pass” the driving test with basic skills. We want our students to be well trained, with the skills and abilities that will last for their entire career.

At S&A Sprint Driving School, truck-driving lessons are recognized by the Ontario Career Colleges Act, and driving instructors are certified through the Ontario Safety League. Our facility combines professional instructors with superior training and coaching to produce drivers who are ready to test and ready to pass. Students can rest assured that whatever licensing they require they will be appropriately trained.

As the prospective student, it’s important to choose a reliable and reputable driving school. Having an established reputation and a trusted history are both good signs. Being certified and licensed by the various regulatory bodies is also essential. And having instructors with the right credentials and qualifications completes the picture. While no school can entirely guarantee licensing success, good training is priceless.

Today, the market is ripe for new truck drivers of all kinds. With the right training and a high level of proficiency, job placement is made much easier. S&A Sprint Driving School is an excellent place to start – and we’ll take you from end to end with professionalism.