6 Important Things You Should Know When Driving a Truck
August 23, 2022
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September 6, 2022

Tips and Tricks for Your First Year as a Truck Driver


There is much information to take in when you’re getting started as a truck driver. From understanding the various routes and highways to learning how to handle your cargo, there’s a lot to know.

Luckily, we’ve found some helpful tips and tricks to make your first year on the road as smooth as possible. Keep reading for more information!

Prepare Your Work Schedule 

Being a truck driver can be a demanding job. Long hours on the road, dealing with traffic, and managing your work schedule can be challenging. For this reason, it’s best to plan for a challenging work schedule. Make sure you get enough rest and allow time to adjust to the new program.

Keep a positive attitude and stay concentrated on your goals. Remember, being a truck driver is a rewarding experience. If you’re prepared for the challenges, you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards. 

Prevent and Avoid Accidents and Careless Situations

Driving a truck can be a risky job. Thankfully, new truck drivers can do a few things to help stay safe on the road. 

First, it is essential to avoid distracted driving. This means no texting, talking on the phone, and fiddling with the radio while behind the wheel. 

Speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents and is especially dangerous when driving a large vehicle. This is why new drivers should take extra care to obey the speed limit and other traffic laws. 

Master Parking 

If you’re new to truck driving, you quickly learn some significant differences between driving a car and a big rig. One of the essential skills you need to master is parking.

Always try to park your truck in a well-lit space. This will help you see better as you’re backing up and deter potential thieves. Before you start to back up, look around your vehicle to ensure there are no obstacles in your way. 

Then, when you’re ready to begin backing up, go slowly and be very mindful of your surroundings. Use your mirrors to guide you, and ask a passenger to help direct you if possible. 

Once you’re in the correct position, put your truck in park and set the parking brake. Then, turn off the engine and double-check that your vehicle is parked correctly.

With some practice, you’ll be parking like a seasoned professional in no time!

Manage Expectations 

Expect to be away from the house for long periods. Truck drivers typically spend several days or weeks on the road, so you must be comfortable being away from home for extended periods. You must make arrangements for their care in your absence if you have a family.

Be prepared for long hours. Truck drivers often drive long hours, and the job can be physically demanding. You will need to be able to withstand long periods of sitting and standing, and you will need to be able to pick up heavy objects.

Learning to drive a truck takes time, and you will need the patience to master the skills required for the job. In addition, traffic delays and other unexpected events can often throw off your schedule, so you must be flexible and adaptable.

Prepare for Stress on the Family 

Talk to your household about your decision to become a truck driver. Be honest about your challenges and how they will impact your relationship. Tell them you’re still committed to them and will do your best to stay in touch.

Set consistent expectations for yourself and your family. It’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll never be away from home or that your family will always understand your long hours. Setting realistic expectations will make you less likely to be disappointed or resentful.


If you are just starting as a truck driver or are even considering it, keep these things in mind. They will help make your first year on the road much smoother. And who knows, after following our advice and gaining some experience, you may find that long-haul trucking is your career.

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