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What You Need to Know to Start a Trucking Career in Canada


If you have experience driving trucks, you might want to consider a career as a trucker in Canada. Trucking not only allows you to earn a decent wage but also gives you the chance to explore various parts of the country. And this can be a great thing, especially for newcomers or immigrants who want to start a new life in Canada.

What Does a Long-Haul Trucker in Canada Do?

Drivers in Canada typically belong to an employer, such as a trucking company or an agency. They receive a seasonal or permanent position and start making regular trips involving the delivery of cargo between various cities or provinces.

Long-haul trucks can be anything from a 20 to a 40-foot trailer to a trailer that boasts a length of 60 to 63 feet or even longer. Drivers typically stay with their employers for years and keep driving the same routes over and over again.

What Does a Driver Need to Know to Start a Trucking Career in Canada?

Some of the qualifications you will probably need to start a trucking career in Canada include:

  • a Class 1 Driver’s Licence
  • proof of citizenship or authorization for permanent residence in Canada
  • proof of medical history
  • certification from the Transport Canada (TC) office
  • a pass from a police background check and a criminal record check
  • education from a trucking school
  • additional certification attained from the TC (Restricted Operator’s Licence, Hazmat endorsement)

If you meet the above requirements and you’re seeking employment, you may want to consider applying for jobs at a reputable trucking company in Canada.

Be sure to check with the employment agencies to find out more about long-haul trucking careers in Canada. Some of the positions might be temporary, and you will need to keep looking until you find a permanent position.

Canadian Trucking Industry and Job Outlook

Drivers in Canada are important to the trucking industry. Without them, goods and services simply would not reach their destinations. As a result, the trucking industry is one that’s very active in Canada.

There are several jobs awaiting new drivers. For example, there will be a chance to work as a long-haul driver, a regional driver, and a local driver.

There is also a chance for getting the position of a driver trainer at a private or government institution or for becoming a trucking company owner or manager.

The average length of a trucking career in Canada is between 20 and 25 years. And the industry is expected to expand at the rate of 3.9 percent between 2012 and 2022.

One of the reasons trucking jobs are expected to grow is the increasing domestic demand. The government of Canada is planning to invest in the infrastructure and developing the transportation system in order to ensure the delivery of goods and services to the citizens.

Also, the trucking industry is expected to get more support from giants in the industry, such as Cargill, General Mills, and Wal-Mart Canada.

The chances of employment in the industry will grow as there will be an increase in the demand for many goods and services. And this will result in the need for more delivery vehicles on the roads.

Final Thoughts

Canada is a great place for trucking careers. It’s a good option for drivers who are looking for good wages, decent working conditions, and an opportunity to explore the country.

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