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April 12, 2015
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May 25, 2015

Beginner Driving Lessons in Toronto

Amongst driving professionals and educators, there is absolutely no doubt about the merit and value of a beginner driver education program. An accredited teaching facility that is approved by the provincial government can train new drivers with the necessary skill set, proficiency, and driving attitude to be complete, responsible, and safe drivers. The key is to find the right facility, with a proven methodology, and with trainers/educators who excel.

Not all driving schools are created equal – and not every training facility is approved by the Ministry of Transportation. For beginner driving lessons in Toronto, it’s a good idea to be well informed. Make sure that the training facility you choose is “MTO-Approved” and does specialize in beginner driver education. And although choosing is very much a personal choice, it pays to check carefully, even to meet personally with the instructors.

In today’s traffic and driving environment, nothing compares with formal driver training, and this is especially true for a new driver. Learning to drive in the local school parking lot cannot compare with a skilled instructor from a credible driving school. S&A Sprint Driving School is a Toronto-based, driver-education facility, with professional, experienced driving instructors, and a comprehensive methodology that produces well-trained drivers.

Something that sets S&A Sprint Driving School apart from others is a customized approach to training. It’s designed to accommodate each student’s singular needs, while combining theoretical in-class instruction with on-the-road driver training. Our trainers believe that comprehensive driver education results in a better-trained driver. And when the training is complete, the outcome is a responsible, confident driver.

Inasmuch as in-class instruction is essential, it’s experience behind the wheel that meets “real life” needs. This too should be all-inclusive, with a generous mix of daytime driving, night driving and highway driving. This is not the right time for short cuts, and clearly, the more time with an expert instructor the better. In the end it’s absolutely critical for new drivers to recognize traffic laws, appreciate speed limits, and accept a safe driving attitude.

S&A Sprint Driving School also complies with Ministry of Transportation standards for all teaching materials. Course resources are current, and teaching materials are specific to the type of driver’s license required. Most importantly, training is not geared just to pass the driving exam – the best outcome is a new driver who is properly trained, with the kind of driving skills and proficiency that will deliver thousands of kilometers of safe driving.

For those considering driving as a career, there is simply no substitute for quality driver education, proper in-class training and in-depth road instruction. And S&A Sprint Driving School provides it all – with certified teachers, and the most current commercial vehicles. Courses can start at any time and can be managed on a part-time basis. And every license class is available for training, including G, AZ, DZ and BZ, just to name a few.

Upon graduation, there is assistance with job searching, and even with job placement. For beginner driving lessons in Toronto, the essentials are straightforward – the best drivers are well trained, and the best training comes from an established, professional facility.